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A Review On: Corsair Obsidian 750D Computer Case With Side Panel Window

Corsair Obsidian 750D Computer Case With Side Panel Window

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Pros: Solid, great airflow, lots of space

Cons: Could have done with more clearance above the motherboard, and removable 5.25" bays

Hi have the 750D Airflow edition and have to say that it is an excellent clean and simple case with lots of room inside. Plenty of cable management potential as well with a good half inch of cable space behind the motherboard tray.

I have built my newest rig with this case but had to make some modifications in order to get it all to fit neatly.

Firstly, the clearance above the motherboard to the top of the case is 85mm almost exactly. Whilst I thought I could fit a 60mm radiator with 25mm push fans in there, it was so tight to the motherboard that I could not. So I decided to mount my rad on the top of the case itself and use a dremel to cut out some holes for the radiator fittings. This also allowed me to run a full push pull set up on the rad as well for increased cooling capability.

My next gripe was the 5.25" drive bays. This is 2017, and whilst this case has been around for a while... So have fast USB optical drives. Huge big 5.25" bays just seem like a waste of space. Unfortunately the bays in the 750D are riveted and actually part of the chassis itself. However if you are handy cutting some metal and drilling out some rivets like I did then you can remove the bays to free up a whole load of space.

I do like the sideways mounted SSD clips in the front of the case, however would have liked it if there was a cross brace style bit of metal joining the front of the case to the motherboard tray here as well which would have made fixing items like a res/pump a lot easier.

All in all, with a few modifications, this case can be the foundation of an absolute monster build/project. It has great airflow and potential for large custom watercooling set ups with multiple radiators, providing you stay with in the constraints of the available space (or go external like I did). This case gets my approval!


Someone stating that a 750D has good airflow....there's a first (and probably last) time for everything, I guess. Spending $159 on a newer design can get you significantly better airflow, significantly better build quality and significantly better flexibility with the cases that are on the market today. The 750D is nothing better than a mediocre $75 case at this point (look at a Phanteks Pro M, better built, better cooling flexibility, better airflow and can be had for $75 with a tempered glass side panel), it's a dated design that the market passed by a number of years ago.
Well, its not all about new designs and shiny glass panels. From my research, I couldn't find a better priced case to fit my requirements and my experience with Corsair products has only ever been good. The 750D is spacious, solid and looks nice and simple.
My comment had nothing to do with aesthetics, i was referring to functionality, build quality, value and airflow. These are areas that find the 750D severly lacking in today's market.