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Corsair Obsidian Series 550D Black Computer Case


Pros: Good looks, Quiet, Quite a lot of space inside, Decent amount of HDD bays, Good cable routing, dust filters, Solid build quality for the most part.

Cons: Some build quality flaws, limited airflow without removing side panels, obstructive HDD cages, door, in places a bit dodgy build quality

I'd say I got quite a decent price for the case, especially since I live in a part of the world where most components cost 40+% of their US costs...

Bought this for a mid range gaming build, i5, GTX 760. The case is good apart for the following.

The door:
- Crappy hinge mechanism, they break really easily and feel quite flimsy, the case comes with replacements, but I already had to use one when the case arrived.
- The front I/O goes through the door, cables and USB drives will block the door in some cases, especially when opening it to the left.
- Somewhat hard to clean.

- The click to remove panels feel a tad flimsy, especially the mechanism they use to attach them to the case.
- The whole case seems to get dirty quickly on the outside, even though it is black...
- Looks pretty awful without side/top airflow panels mounted.
- Side panel mounting mechanism doesn't seem too solid, might break...

- HDD bays (3.5 in) are not actually that solid. I removed one and found it to be made out of square. This didn't seem to have an effect on it fitting drives or locking it into the case, but it doesn't look too great...
- Limited cable routing to bottom of motherboard.
- No grommets for top (CPU 8-pin) and bottom (MB I/O) cable holes.
- HDD cages restrict airflow significantly, I removed one as I only have 3 drives in the system
- 5.25 inch drive bay locks are flimsy, use the screws please.
- Not much radiator space for custom loops.

- Can feel flimsy due to somewhat thin steel, especially rear panel.
- Thumbscrews are stupidly tight.
- Rear exhaust fan doesn't effectively extract air from the CPU-heatsink area causing CPU to run quite hot.
- Fans could be quieter for the speed/airflow.
- Doesn't come with rear 140mm fan even though it supports 140mm...

Great Things I Have To Point Out

- Choice between offset and centered SSD mounting on 3.5in trays.
- Removable drive cages.
- Rubber washers for fan screws.
- Power button is satisfying.


Pros: Absolutely gorgeous look. High quality sound dampening foam, easily attachable/detachable with a push of a button. Cant hear anything from it.

Cons: If you remove the door, the case looses its look completely. This applies to the removable panels on the side and top for radiators/fans.

If you are going to build a silent, sexy rig then this is the case for you!
Plenty of room inside the case to comfortably fit all your graphics cards, heatsinks, mobo's and rads. Theres also 6 hard/ssd drive slots, easily removable and turnable. The case may look like it has no airflow but don't be fooled! It gets plenty. However if you plan on building a watercooling rig, then this is not for you. For a simple, ATX set-up with a closed loop cooler for your cpu this case is amazing. Highly recommend it.thumb.gif


Pros: Sound-deadening, versatile fan options, modular parts, elegant design

Cons: Hot Tcase, limited room

If you are looking for a highly expandable case with room to spare for liquid cooling or other accessories, look elsewhere. The Obsidian 550D seems to have been crafted for a specific group of people: those looking for a quiet, functional case with a reasonable amount of headroom.

I chose this case for its simple form factor. The brushed aluminum front, simple geometry, and lack of side cutout panel gives the case a more adult look than many other designs. Those looking to accentuate their hardware with LED-illuminated fans or colored cabling may want to look elsewhere.

Internally the case is highly modular and features many mounting options for either 120 mm or 140 mm fans. Both of the drive cages can be removed in any configuration (top, bottom, or both), a feature which I liked. Most of the fan mounts feature magnetic dust filters and one-touch removable covers to match the case. The rubber vibration-dampening grommets for the fan mounts are a nice touch but can be annoying as screws for radiators are usually not long enough to extend through the added thickness of the grommet. Additionally, the holes for the fan screws are too large, which necessitates using a washer (often not provided) or squishing the grommet in an unsightly manner. On certain motherboards the USB 3.0 header may be difficult to access due to the construction of backplane.

My main complaint with the case is likely a problem common to mid-tower cases - there is a lack of room for more complex designs. For those who water cool, a slim form factor radiator is an absolute must if top-mounting, and bottom-mounting anything larger than a 120 mm radiator is impossible without modifying the case. I have managed to jam a 240 mm radiator on the top and a 120 mm radiator on the rear exhaust. Front-mounting a 240 mm radiator may be possible with light modification of the 5.25" drive bays and removal of the drive cages.

There is comfortable room for two graphics cards and a sound card, but beyond that things start getting cramped. Due to the insulation T_case will run rather hot with stock coolers, so plan on using plenty of fans or a custom cooling loop.

Overall a good case for those looking for a no-frills look and some sound-deadening, but for maximum performance, have a look elsewhere.
Corsair Obsidian Series 550D Black Computer Case

With Power Supply: No Power Supply Mounted: Bottom With Side Panel Window: No External 5.25" Drive Bays: 4 External 3.5" Drive Bays: No Internal 3.5" Drive Bays: 6 x 3.5" / 2.5" Drive Bays Front Ports: USB 3.0 x 2, Headphone x 1, Mic x 1 Side Air duct: Yes

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