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Corsair Obsidian Series 900D Super Tower Computer Case CC-9011022-WW - Black

50% Positive Reviews
Rated #213 in Computer Cases


Pros: Good AIR COOLING, big, multiple BIG rad support, great customer support, price performance is great

Cons: Slightly degrade of quality materials compared to its predecessor 800D which i had

The case arrived in a very large box with nothing intact; thumb.gif from amazon

it supports various rads, nice hot swap bay, large motherboard support and i mean large, love the tinted side window panel and customer service.

been running on air for about a month or two and seems great keeping all my components cool.

I felt thou it lacked the quality of the 800D, i mean the motherboard tray plus the grommets felt a little bit flimsy compared to the 800D

i would recommend the case for anyone who is using water or even air as the case is huge and cheaper then what the competitors have to offer + i live in the UK so therefore other options are not available and would exceed my budget. thumb.gif


Pros: Super big, easily fits the largest motherboards

Cons: Ultra-cheap materials, major design flaws, overall poor build quality

I was really excited to get one of these to build a dual Xeon workstation in for work. Unfortunately this case has some serious design problems and generally awful build quality. It was damaged during shipping, badly enough that we couldn't use it. But that's not the reason for the bad review.

The good:
- It's huge. It can easily fit EATX and SSI EEB motherboards with room left over for reservoirs and cable management.
- One of the few cases that can fit a 480mm radiator.
- Elegant, simplistic design looks great on the outside.

And now, the bad:
- The motherboard mounting tray feels about as thick as a coke can. I can bend it with one finger.
- The HDD mounting brackets look like what you'd expect from a $30 case, and they don't even line up with the appropriate slots.
- The "User manual" for this huge, complex case is two pages long. Some of the screws are labeled incorrectly.
- The front panel fasteners are made of the same cheap plastic as the HDD brackets, and were broken off right out of the box.
- Both side panels were stuck and had to be pried off with a screwdriver. The release buttons on the back do nothing.
- The only thing holding the bottom doors shut is literally a couple magnets. Not good ones, either. Think refrigerator magnets. They perform as such too.
- Dust filters for the bottom panels are held on with cheap magnets as well. None of them will stay on.
- No way to reach the screws for the expansion slots. Seriously. Not even the shortest screwdriver will fit. I had to use pliers.
- Powder coat is so cheap it chips off just from screwing in components.

Bottom line: There certainly seems to be a lot of hype about this monstrous case, but it does not live up to it. This was my first and probably last Corsair case.
Corsair Obsidian Series 900D Super Tower Computer Case CC-9011022-WW - Black

The Obsidian Series 900D Super Tower PC case is the platform of choice for your next ultimate dream PC. Whether you’re integrating state-of-the-art liquid or air cooling, building a quad-GPU, dual-CPU graphics powerhouse, creating a monster file server, or even all of the above in one incredible system, 900D makes it happen. It’s not just big - Obsidian Series 900D has been carefully engineered for fast builds, easy upgrades and flexible expansion. The aluminum frame and solid steel panels give 900D the rigidity and strength you need for multiple teardowns and rebuilds, and the brushed aluminum fascia completes the look of understated overkill.

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureIncludes three 120mm AF120L and one 140mm AF140L exhaust fan Brushed aluminum front fascia with full cast aluminum surround structure front and rear Five radiator mounting points: 4 5.25 inch bays Up to fifteen total fan mount locations Nine tool free 3.5" and screw-in 2.5" combo hard drive bays for maximum storage, upgradable to fifteen total (requires purchasing two additional cages)
TitleCorsair Obsidian Series 900D Super Tower Computer Case CC-9011022-WW - Black
WarrantyTwo years
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementCC-9011022-WW
Item Height31.5 inches
Item Length29.7 inches
Item Width14.2 inches
Package Height16 inches
Package Length21 inches
Package Weight21 pounds
Package Width16 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement843591033244
Item Weight41 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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