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Corsair Vengeance C70 Gaming Case

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #6 in Computer Cases


Pros: Solid, Great Cooling Options, Plenty of Space, Cable Management, View-able Side, Easy Side Panel Removal, Great Finish.

Cons: Somewhat Heavy, plastic cable management and hard drive mounts, power button and USB placement (front panel)

I bought this from Micro Center in Ohio.

I like the finish of the case the sturdy feel of the metal is a nice feature.

Can fit a Corsair H110 inside above the motherboard, a Push-Pull config may require 2 fans to be on outer top of the case. (not a huge deal)

Lots of fan options 120 and 140mm for any fan location,

can fit another radiator next to drive bays, (for a custom loop) stock fans not the best BUT get the job done.

little sound damping so can be a little on the humming side (not LOUD but noticeable in a quite room)

Look at my build log for some pics of the set up with a RIVE and H110

has filters on the bottom for the PS fan and an added fan.

Really the button for the power button is an odd placement, the fact that its in the front has made me bump it once so far and shut down in the middle of a game frown.gif

the usb ports are odd in the front (3.0) but I rarely use them But if the tower is close to your leg that could be an issue if you have things sticking out of it.

over all I do recommend this though, has great cooling ability.


Pros: Cable Management! Bad@$$ looks. Reasonably priced.

Cons: Power button? Stands off the case, looks awkward.

Just got this case after doing some long needed upgrades to my 3yr old Phenom Rig (I was still running DDR2 mem lol) My rig was housed in a thermaltake V3, And this is a huge upgrade to complement any build. Reasonably priced ($75 with microcenter rebate) The cable management is the best part imo. It has a channel to run wires with hold down clamps to the back panel, Rubber grommets line the cutouts in the back panel to route wires as well. Badass military style looks and solid build quality. Id highly recommend this case.


Pros: lots of room, lots of fan options, great cable management, window...

Cons: stock airflow maybe not as efficient as HAF case, stock window is annoying

Used this case in my first build.. spent tons and tons of time finding a mid sized case with cable management, window on the side, fan options, good looks and quality build. It was between this case and the Storm Scout II - both seemed to fit the requirements though different styles (military vs. technology) I wound up with the C70. With three included fans and frequent sales on newegg.com it was a better buy. I'm extremely happy with it. The window is easily replaced witha solid sheet of acrylic, no need to buy custom made windows or panels, and the front and bottom air filters do a good job of keeping the insides clean. In summary:

Rugged good looks- form follows function
Excellent cable management
Plenty of space for most water cooled & multiple GPU builds
Functional air filtration
Lots of options for additional fans - both size and placement
Space for large CPU coolers - (check your specifications!)


Pros: Looks awesome, rubberized cable routing holes, very sturdy, removable drive cages, plenty of fan mounts.

Cons: HDD/SSD drives need to be mounted backwards, side panel latches are loud, fans don't produce much airflow, hard drive trays are plastic.

Drawing inspiration from a military ammo box and Corsair's own Carbide and Obsidian series, this case is built for functionality.
When looking at the case, one of the first things you will notice is the handles. The only way you could get the handles loose is by using a bolt cutter. tongue.gif
Next, your eyes drift to the ammo box-style latches. These latches will keep your side panel totally secure, with no need for thumbscrews. However, they can get quite loud when snapped shut.
Look down, and you see an acrylic window with two 120mm fan mounts. You can unscrew the window from the side panel and rotate it so that the fan mounts don't interfere with your view of your components.
Speaking of components, this case can hold graphics cards up to 320mm, has eight expansion slots, and can seat an ATX or mATX motherboard. Two HDD/SSD cages hold up to three drives each, and can each be removed to give more room to your graphics card(s) if needed. Rubberized cable routing holes and cable clamps on the back of the motherboard tray make cable routing a breeze.
You know what else is a breeze? Ten 120mm fan mounts. Not too bad for a mid tower. thumb.gif
The front panel has a nice red power button, illuminated by a white LED. A reset switch that looks like it might launch a nuke, adds to the military theme. The other usual fare is two USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks, and a HDD activity LED (illuminated with another white LED).
One more thing to mention. Some reviews of this case online say that the fan filters on the bottom of the case are loose, when in fact, they just have to be snapped into place.
All in all, this case is a worthy competitor in the ~$100 case market, and should be at the top of the list for your next build! thumb.gif


Pros: cable management, WC, 8 expansion slots, sturdy, side panel

Cons: no EATX support

this case is great and I only got it for $70 off of newegg. the case has removable hard drive cages support for 10+ fans and you could really mount 3 240mm rads in it the case is made fully of metal and very sturdy the case also has really good cable management ( ill post pics of my rig once I finish it ) looks great and is very functional ill give it 5 stars
Corsair Vengeance C70 Gaming Case

Vengeance cases are designed for travelling gamers. With durable steel construction and high-airflow designs, they’re built for LAN party dominance. High-performance gaming hardware requires high-performance cooling. Vengeance C70 is equipped with three 120mm fans out of the box, with mounting points for seven more to meet your exact air cooling demands. Vengeance C70 is also outfitted for liquid cooling upgradeability. You get 240mm radiator compatibility on top of the case, and if that’s not enough, you can remove the lower hard drive cage to fit a second 240mm radiator for a dual-loop setup. A case is as much a part of your armory as any other component. With internal USB 3.0 connectors for modern motherboards, native SSD compatibility, eight expansion slots and room for long graphics cards, the C70 stands ready to take on any challenger.

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