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Corsair Vengeance C70 Gaming Case Reviews

ciaran 2110

great case, but some issues are present


Pros: build quality, design, cable management, price

Cons: fans are not great, noise, hdd cages make lots of noise

this is a solid case of for a build, it is cheap compared to some of corsairs other cases and has weight to it which is up to the user if that is a good or bad thing. it has more space for loops if you remove hdd cages it is a well rounded case. the fans are not great but who uses stock fans nowadays anyway. the hdd cages make a loud creeking noise which makes the case louder it sounds like hard drives breaking. the side panel is terrible would recommend to replace and the latches are very loud but then again they came from the inspiration of what the case is based on a ammo box.

Excellent Optioned, Well Priced, Great Looking Solid Case


Pros: Solid, Great Cooling Options, Plenty of Space, Cable Management, View-able Side, Easy Side Panel Removal, Great Finish.

Cons: Somewhat Heavy, plastic cable management and hard drive mounts, power button and USB placement (front panel)

I bought this from Micro Center in Ohio. I like the finish of the case the sturdy feel of the metal is a nice feature. Can fit a Corsair H110 inside above the motherboard, a Push-Pull config may require 2 fans to be on outer top of the case. (not a huge deal) Lots of fan options 120 and 140mm for any fan location, can fit another radiator next to drive bays, (for a custom loop) stock fans not the best BUT get the job done. little sound damping so can be a little on the humming side (not LOUD but noticeable in a quite room) Look at my build log for some pics of the set up with a RIVE and H110 has filters on the bottom for the PS fan and an added fan. Really the button for the power...
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Awesome Case!


Pros: Cable Management! Bad@$$ looks. Reasonably priced.

Cons: Power button? Stands off the case, looks awkward.

Just got this case after doing some long needed upgrades to my 3yr old Phenom Rig (I was still running DDR2 mem lol) My rig was housed in a thermaltake V3, And this is a huge upgrade to complement any build. Reasonably priced ($75 with microcenter rebate) The cable management is the best part imo. It has a channel to run wires with hold down clamps to the back panel, Rubber grommets line the cutouts in the back panel to route wires as well. Badass military style looks and solid build quality. Id highly recommend this case.

This is a great case - it's well built, and extremely versitle.


Pros: lots of room, lots of fan options, great cable management, large window, looks great

Cons: stock airflow a little weak, stock window is annoying, no upper filter.

After countless hours of weeding through the ocean of mid sized cases I wound up with this C70 and nearly two years later I still love this case and I'm glad I got it instead of anything else. I wanted a case with cable management, a large window on the side, multiple fan options, good looks and for it to be of good quality. The C70 has all those things and more. Nearly the entire case is made of metal. The only plastic is the filters, front panel trim, window and trim around the window, the handle grips and latch contacts. The handles are of more than sufficient strength, and one will support the weight of the rig if you need your other hand to turn a door knob or open the car door or...
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Truly military grade!


Pros: Looks awesome, rubberized cable routing holes, very sturdy, removable drive cages, plenty of fan mounts.

Cons: HDD/SSD drives need to be mounted backwards, side panel latches are loud, fans don't produce much airflow, hard drive trays are plastic.

Drawing inspiration from a military ammo box and Corsair's own Carbide and Obsidian series, this case is built for functionality. When looking at the case, one of the first things you will notice is the handles. The only way you could get the handles loose is by using a bolt cutter. Next, your eyes drift to the ammo box-style latches. These latches will keep your side panel totally secure, with no need for thumbscrews. However, they can get quite loud when snapped shut. Look down, and you see an acrylic window with two 120mm fan mounts. You can unscrew the window from the side panel and rotate it so that the fan mounts don't interfere with your view of your components. Speaking of...
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incredible inexpensive case


Pros: cable management, WC, 8 expansion slots, sturdy, side panel

Cons: no EATX support

this case is great and I only got it for $70 off of newegg. the case has removable hard drive cages support for 10+ fans and you could really mount 3 240mm rads in it the case is made fully of metal and very sturdy the case also has really good cable management ( ill post pics of my rig once I finish it ) looks great and is very functional ill give it 5 stars
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