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A Review On: Corsair Vengeance C70 Gaming Case

Corsair Vengeance C70 Gaming Case

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Pros: lots of room, lots of fan options, great cable management, window...

Cons: stock airflow maybe not as efficient as HAF case, stock window is annoying

Used this case in my first build.. spent tons and tons of time finding a mid sized case with cable management, window on the side, fan options, good looks and quality build. It was between this case and the Storm Scout II - both seemed to fit the requirements though different styles (military vs. technology) I wound up with the C70. With three included fans and frequent sales on it was a better buy. I'm extremely happy with it. The window is easily replaced witha solid sheet of acrylic, no need to buy custom made windows or panels, and the front and bottom air filters do a good job of keeping the insides clean. In summary:

Rugged good looks- form follows function
Excellent cable management
Plenty of space for most water cooled & multiple GPU builds
Functional air filtration
Lots of options for additional fans - both size and placement
Space for large CPU coolers - (check your specifications!)


I'm thinking of buying this, is it ALL metal or does it have a plastic shroud?
it's all metal including the front panel, grill and bay covers - so far as I can tell the only plastic is the fan filters, HDD trays, window, window trim, handle "grips" and the sections on the latches that contact the top of the case. Even the i/o panel metal.