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A Review On: Corsair Vengeance C70 Gaming Case

Corsair Vengeance C70 Gaming Case

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Pros: Cable Management! Bad@$$ looks. Reasonably priced.

Cons: Power button? Stands off the case, looks awkward.

Just got this case after doing some long needed upgrades to my 3yr old Phenom Rig (I was still running DDR2 mem lol) My rig was housed in a thermaltake V3, And this is a huge upgrade to complement any build. Reasonably priced ($75 with microcenter rebate) The cable management is the best part imo. It has a channel to run wires with hold down clamps to the back panel, Rubber grommets line the cutouts in the back panel to route wires as well. Badass military style looks and solid build quality. Id highly recommend this case.


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