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Corsair Vengeance M60 Performance FPS Gaming Mouse (CH-9000001-NA)

75% Positive Reviews
Rated #4 in Mice


Pros: Build quality, "design"

Cons: Execution, design

I was looking for a good FPS, fingertip/claw mouse and picked up this mouse and the CM Spawn for a comparison.

First, this mouse is beautiful and extremely well-built. I am confident I could bang it against my desk repeatedly without worrying about loosening any boards and certainly not scratching the chassis. The buttons have a nice actuation except for the scroll-button and the side buttons, but they loosen up over time. I'm not a fan of LEDs but these were subtle and looked nice. The braided cable is a very nice feature and bends pretty freely, so you don't have to worry too much about catching your cord on your desk or whatever.

There are lots of reviews about the software, but that should be fixed eventually and who uses macros anyway? smile.gif

The sensor isn't the best on the market, but it is solid and should meet the demands of all but serious professional gamers. Many other reviewers have covered this in-depth, so I'll let you refer to them.

However, Corsair didn't seem to consider the user that much when designing the mouse. I have slightly above average length hands at 8" from palm to middle fingertip and could not find a comfortable grip with this mouse. Holding the mouse as I usually do, a fingertip grip with two fingers on top and the rest on the sides, I was constantly pinching my pinky under the right side of the mouse and would have to shift my hand forward to reach the snipe button. Moving to a claw grip I found I was in the most exaggerated claw I've used and my hands cramped quickly after, but I was able to reach buttons more easily and my pinky didn't catch on the side. However, I did find that this mouse was very comfortable in a claw or fingertip grip if I were to put three fingers over the L/R/scroll buttons, but I've never done this before and was uninterested in learning to use my mouse - I think a mouse should be an extension of your hand rather than a tool your hand uses. Strangely, I also found that it was very comfortable in a palm grip with two or three fingers on top, but I don't palm so no-no for me.

So, while I loved this mouse in many ways, it was easily one of the least comfortable mice I've ever owned, including many strange track balls from the 80s.


Pros: Braided Cables, Customizable Weights, Very high DPI, Feeling of value

Cons: Software could use some work Has on-board memory...for only one profile Graphite/Pebble feel for sides won't be everyone's cup of tea

I picked up the Corsair M60 a couple of days ago as a potential replacement for my trusty Logitech G400. As nothing is particularity wrong with the G400 I've just seemed to realize a "Claw Grip" style mouse works better for me and when I saw Microcenter had them on sale for 50.00 I figured why the heck not and whipped out my credit card.

I've always had great success with Corsair in my short time after my migration to a PC gamer last year. Excellent products with support to match! My power supply, case and h60 all seem to have more than earned my money and EASY recommendations to anyone should the subject arise. I may or may not keep the mouse depending on what Corsair plans for the software in the future.

The Good:
Braided Cables
Customizable Weights
Very high DPI

The Bad:
Software could use some work
Has on-board memory...for only one profile
Graphite/Pebble feel for sides won't be everyone's cup of tea

The Surprising:
Sniper button is actually useful
Even for my big hands my claw grip felt much better and comfortable
Fantastic tracking
The initial heavyweight to the mouse felt like an extension of my hand after a while. I don't even notice it anymore.

I tested a variety of games with this one to see how it would react under different situations.

First off I'd like to say I definitely noticed an increased smoothness in all my games from my G400. I'd like to apologize to Bethesda for what I assumed was bad engine adjustments as Skyrim was much more playable with this versus my G400. Combined with the "SKY UI" mod this is probably the best experience I've had playing this game. It was an absolutely perfect experience all around.

Modern Warfare 3: May not be nearly as twitchy as the next game I played but it served as a perfect example how much a good mouse can help. As much as everyone hates COD you can't deny it's a fast, painless, arcade-style, jump in and jump out shooter. Which means it moves fast. I was able to aim much better than with my G400. I've probably nailed more headshots in the past hour that I have in the 20+ I've invested since I bought it mid-February. And a general increase in my accuracy overall- Even the rounds where I went negative there wasn't nearly as big as a gap.

Unreal 3: Fastest out the bunch yet still slower than 2004 which IMO would have been an EXCELLENT test for this one. Alas, I jumped on the first nearly full (What's left of the servers anyway) capture the flag map I could find. Suspense was the map and I couldn't have asked for a better one. Many high and low sniper points easily pop some heads. Now, this is where the use of the sniper button was mostly useful by comparison of the other two games. I've always had a problem in this game where my cursor (More than likely a fault of being designed around a controller) would never 100% line up with a headshot. In the midst of it I managed to get a few headshots in with my sniper rifle by hold it down and getting the perfect shot when aiming

Dawn of War 2: Retribution:
Not much to say here other than it worked and it worked well. Ordering troops around was a breeze and there were no headaches to be found.

I can't say how useful this is with games like Battlefield 3 (Since I've long since given up on it due to numerous bugs and countless cheaters.) but this one match showed me the usefulness of it. I will though, give the ARMA II "Free" game a try and re-download Battlefield 3 if only for a couple matches and update this section.


Not much to say with this one. One I tried before downloading drivers and one after. I tried again to produce a perfectly straight line and it just wasn't happening. With my G400 on the other hand...it's infamous angle-snapping would kick in even when playing games which is why I suspect my skills increased even if there is a slight placebo effect gaming, I CAN say without a doubt I have an easier time maneuvering around Windows even at the insane 5700 dpi. It's just much more accurate.

Out of all the positive things I've said about this mouse you'd probably think it would be a no-brainer but there is one thing hold me back from making it my true replacement mouse. The software. Yep, Logitech and their infamous piece of "Gaming" software that's done nothing but make many gamers hardware experience a living nightmare. But...I just can't help it. Logitech's support is way beyond what any other manufacturer offers. Giving me recent game profiles that I can customize without having to go trough memory of setting it up "Per-Application" similar to Razer or Corsair. The only other company who does this is Mad-Catz with their R.A.T. series but you have to download and import while Logitech will just update to match a new set of games.

While Corsairs software is no slouch giving me nearly anything I can do with the hardware even so much as telling me that my surface quality. Really have to do a per-application is more of a tedious task than it needs to be for me as I'm always customizing my mouse controls. I know this is their first foray in the mouse market but I'd like too at the very least see them announce something about the future of profiles directly from the manufacturer. It's just much more convenient if the user doesn't have to do all the hard work.

Could I recommend this mouse? Yes and no.

YES: If you're looking for a well built and affordable claw grip mouse. Definitely feels like it's worth more than it's sticker price all things considered like the aluminum body and customizable weights. Great tracking and sense of control. Glides along like a greased pig on my cheap 10 dollar allsop mousepad so I can only imaging how it'll shine on something like the Razer-Goliath

If you enjoy a level of ease and customization from offerings from Madcatz RATZ line and Logitech's Gaming Software. I know the hardware is 99% here but the software makes that 100% for me and Corsair just doesn't have it...YET. Maybe CorsairGeorge can shed some light on if they're planning on releasing profile packs like Madcatz. If I keep it or not remains to be seen. The hardware is there, the software isn't.


Pros: Good Build Quality, Good ergonomics

Cons: Clancy firmware update system, Software not on par with hardware

This is an above medium quality product for sure. The material used -solid aluminium frame and quality plastic- are giving a flair of premium to the M60. The mouse sides have a rough texture while the top is smooth and soft. The weighting system might not be fancy but it does an adequate job if you want to fiddle with balance and weight. The Teflon legs are great and the mouse glides exceptionally both on cloth and hard surfaces. As a minor complaint I would like to see extra Teflon stickers in the packaging. Mouse design is ideal for Claw, good for fingertip (slightly difficult on reaching the sniper and forward buttons) and average on palm grips.

The only think that can set you back from buying this product is the accompanied (or not since you have to download it) software. First of all Corsair promotes the use of firmware updater, since it includes the tool with the software download. Then it prompts you to update the firmware in order for the software suite to work (first time ever that I have seen something like that). But its unacceptable to not support USB 3.0 ports FOR THE FIRMWARE UPDATE procedure. If you try to do that, as I did (No USB2.0 on mobo), you are going to have major issues, that if you are not an experienced user are going to escalate to RMA. Overall the mouse configuration software is cumbersome and needs some rethinking. It is like its trying to scare you away, specifically if you are going to use macros.

To sum up, its a great piece of well designed and implemented hardware. Highly recommended but if you are not an experienced user avoid to update firmware alone, nevertheless Corsair got you covered fellow gamer.


Pros: An accurate laser mouse with great ergonomics and build quality

Cons: A little gimmicky

Great shape. This is a great mouse if you are someone who likes to switch up your grip between claw, palm, fingertip because I find it is super accurate and comfortable with all of them.
On-the-fly DPI buttons are nicely placed, and the buttons have a tactile feel.
The build quality is excellent. Braided cable and all-aluminum unibody. I bought this mouse along with the K60 and both these peripherals feel like they will stand the test of time. Corsair certainly knows how to build a rock-solid product.
It may be just me but I found the three-weight system to be pointless because right out of the box with the weights installed it felt like the perfect weight. I tried taking out the weights and it just doesn't feel right. Also, I never use the sniper button. I tried it when I first got the mouse, but could never get used to it.
I have to say overall, this mouse is the most accurate and the most comfortable mouse I have ever used. At its price point, there is no doubt you are getting an outstanding value with the Corsair Vengeance M60.


Pros: Best built mouse I have had. Fits my hand perfectly.

Cons: None that I can think of

I got it for $25 with a newegg shell shocker deal.


Pros: Good construction, nice bottom skates

Cons: Terrible software, heavy, not too comfortable, bad placed side buttons, stiff stidebuttons, subpar sensor

This looked like a pretty solid mouse until I bicked it with the software adjusting the LOD.
The software has been updated and still is terrible, looks more like an Alpha state.

The mouse has terribly placed sidebuttons, there's no comfortable grip in which you can use the sniper button, and the other too are just too small and stiff to be functional in an FPS game.
The shape is not the most comfortable also, the back of the mouse doesn't touch the table so it's a no go for clawgrippers IMO.


Pros: Everything... seriously

Cons: The light is blue not green (not really a con)

Purchased this mouse as a late christmas present to myself. Upgrading from a Razer Abyssus and man am I pleased. This thing feels great in the hand and glides great on my cloth pad. The sniper button does it's job perfectly and has improved my game in all FPS titles I've tried it on so far. Specifically Battlefield 3. I would suggest this mouse to anyone as it's price is unbeatable for performance. biggrin.gif


Pros: Great Design, Some cool features,

Cons: sniper button placement

The adjustable DPI buttons are an awesome feature. It eliminates the need to go in and out of settings to mess around with sensitivity. If you need a less twitchy, quick type of movement, its literally as simple as pushing a button. The cross-hair button is an added bonus but I do not use it too much, its hard to use.

The design is incredible, they really did a nice job with it. and the braided cable is a plus as well.


Pros: Feels perfect for my hand, grip on the side is useful, really high dpi, back/forward button along with dpi changing on top, can make mouse lighter

Cons: Sniper button is useless, increases dpi after clicking the sniper button once(really annoying)

Well this is my first gaming mouse i've ever had and i'd have to say its an excellent mouse. The scrolling wheel has rubber on it making it gripable. The buttons on the side are very useful for video games as extra hotkeys, although the sniper button is really useless, it's hard to reach and it just seems like a hassle to press since you have to press it so hard, but anyways this mouse is great for gaming, at first i thought it felt weird to use but after a while you get really used to it.


Pros: Everything

Cons: Sniper button placement

I love this mouse.

Mostly everything has been said by other reviewers.

My only complaint is that the "sniper button" is a bit too far away from my thumb (I have large hands).
Corsair Vengeance M60 Performance FPS Gaming Mouse (CH-9000001-NA)

The Corsair Vengeance M60 is the premium performance gaming mouse for First Person Shooter (FPS) games. An enthusiast grade 5700 dpi laser sensor provides for maximum precision, ultra responsive mouse control for extended domination over players with less accurate, slower mice. Designed and tuned for exceptional FPS gameplay, the Vengeance M60's ergonomic design is comfortable to the hand even for extended hours gaming sessions. The dedicated sniper button instantly lowers your DPI so that you can quickly and accurately aim for precise location shots. A machined, one-piece aluminum frame provides low weight, high rigidity, and optimal mass distribution. And the center of gravity can be adjusted up to 21g in your mouse so you have just the right balance. Victory is yours with the Corsair Vengeance M60!

BindingPersonal Computers
FeaturePTFE Glide Pads - Smooth performance that works allows the mouse to glide effortlessly across almost any surface.
Height3 inches
Length12 inches
Weight3 pounds
Width6 inches
List Price$69.99
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPersonal Computer
TitleCorsair Vengeance M60 Performance FPS Gaming Mouse (CH-9000001-NA)
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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