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Corsair Vengeance M65 Black Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

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Pros: Metal chassis

Cons: sluggish software

Literally fed up with recent Logitech quality iessues, used to have their products for almost two decades where many of them were top of the range. Whit the time Logitech really lost their quality and few recent top of the range items died after just few months of intesive usage after what I've decide to look elsewhere.

First thing I replaced was mouse- my Logitech Performance MX mouse died just 8 months after purchase, I used to have it's previous generation mouse and it was a way more durable, I'm very careful user and if mouse dies in less than a year, there must be something... Also Anywhere MX mouse died very quickly, some functions gone just after few months which is very disappointing as mouse was used mostly for my laptop on a rare occasions, swapped one on warranty and that also ended up very quickly.

About the M65- I have RGB version, which is slightly refreshed version and features RGB LEDs as well some slight design nuances. Not sure about very recent editions, but mine got that weird Corsair gaming logo instead of recently released Corsair new corporative logo. Some other products are updated with the new branding, but M65, no idea, so most likely you will find it with either the old logo or Corsair's weird gaming logo.

Build quality - this is where this mouse shines, absolutely best mouse I've ever had, metal chassis combined with poly carbonate outer, after 4 month of intensive usage it still looks and feels just like new, nothing has faded out (typical issue with Logitech where their logo fades out after first month). Also braided cable feels much more rugged and hopefully it will last much longer than one on my Logitech gaming mouse.

Buttons- I quite like feel of L and R click, other than that there is only dedicated sniper button and back/forward button. Ahh yeah, also DPI switch buttons on the top of the mouse. I don't need an MMO mouse, but I wouldn't mind few more buttons. Through the software you can change settings for buttons, if you don't need sniper button, you can assign any other option you want, same for back/forward buttons.

Software- and here is the only disappointment about this product- Corsair's software is a bit out of date, it has too many bugs and lags to be called a proper software for reputable company. In terms of functionality it supports everything you want, but it's so unreliable and sluggish you'd wish you never had to work with it. it randomly crashes, it forgets it's settings and other issues are just a small part of overall disappointed.

But, since software is just a small part of the whole deal, it can't harm otherwise excellent item, if Corsair had Logitech software, it would be the absolute killer combination! On the other hand, if I have to choose between software and hardware, I'll pick a hardware, I've been let down so many times by Logitech I can't even look a their items anymore. (Keyboard review coming soon smile.gif )

Short conclusion- if you're looking for durable and reliable mouse, this is one to look for! It's not too fancy, it doesn't offer too many shiny buttons and Corsair software is a pain, but on the other hand, considering how many people work for Logitech and how little for Corsair, hands downs to them- they managed to built a fantastic mouse with only minor issues, and if we consider price difference, it's a no brainier, for some time I'm off Logitech products, could buy 10x Corsair mice for what I spent on Logitech products.


Pros: Very Fast

Cons: No Cons

I love the fact that I can change the DPI inside a Game with the mouse buttons, that has helped me get better on my gaming by increasing slowly the DPI.
I also love the color effects, well you dont see the mouse while gaming, but when your visitors see your mouse with lots of colors fading in and out its kind of cool.

The weight of the mouse its perfect for the gamer and also the cable is high quality


Pros: "sniper button" works and is viable for some, ergonomic for smaller hands, great construction, adjustable weight

Cons: mouse buttons tend to "double click" on single clicks, "sniper button" is not a toggle switch, glitchy customization program

Let me start this off with this is my second gaming mouse, my first being a 2014 Razer Death Adder which broke from "spirited gaming" rolleyes.gif . The main reason I bought the mouse was one: I needed a new mouse, and 2: I was starting a new white themed build so why not get a white mouse to compliment it. The mouse is good, just not as good as my previous death adder, it tends to register single clicks as double clicks, the program Corsair has for customizing the DPI and bindings is glitchy, and this is my real gripe with the mouse, the sniper button is not a toggle switch and cannot be bound in games. This is something that really annoyed me, I bought the mouse hoping to be able to have instant switches in sensitivity for when I use a Sniper Rifle in FPS games, eg CS:GO, BF4, ect. The button not being a toggle switch means I would have to hold the button down while trying to aim. This became very uncomfortable during longer sessions, heck even during 1 full game of CS:GO Competitive left me with a hand/arm cramp. The next issue I have with the mouse is with the program Corsair has for it, when you change sensitivities in the program, it occasionally doesn't register them. It will reboot your mouse and everything even tell you its the senstivity you set it to, it just won't change the DPI of the mouse. So you have to change the response time to get it to accept it. That's not a huge issue, it just gets old after a while. My last issue is the size of the mouse its self, its a tall mouse in height at the center of the mouse, but drops off very quickly making it short. This is not very comfortable for people with larger hands being you have to use the mouse in the claw/bent fingers position. BUT the pros of this mouse are great, the adjustable weight make the mouse a dream for finding if you prefer a light mouse or a heavier one, the 3 DPI settings make living with the mouse a lot easier being you can avoid the crummy program they give you after you set the mouse up the way you like it, and the ergonomics of the mouse are great for those who have small hands. The build quality of the mouse is phenomenal, and really gives the impression of being sturdy and robust. I would recommend this mouse for people just getting into PC gaming as to find out what their sensitivity might be, if they like a light mouse or a heavy one, and will be able to take a beating with your "spirited gaming sessions" rolleyes.gif .
Corsair Vengeance M65 Black Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

The Vengeance M65 laser gaming mouse is a precision tool for serious gamers. It provides highly accurate tracking, advanced customization options, and the comfort and ergonomics you need when you’re playing for hours. The 8200 DPI laser sensor gives you accurate control during intense gaming sessions. The low-mass aluminum unibody structure is covered in soft-touch materials, with eight buttons including a dedicated, programmable sniper button that instantly lowers DPI resolution for long-range weaponry. And, it’s available in Military Green, Arctic White and Gunmetal Black to match your system or your style.

BindingPersonal Computers
Feature8200 DPI laser sensor - Precise tracking for highly accurate mouse control during demanding gaming sessions Dedicated sniper button - Quickly switch resolution for extreme accuracy in FPS games Second-generation control panel - Makes setup and customization easier than ever Onboard profile storage ? Settings and profiles are stored directly on the M65 so you can take them with you Aluminum unibody design - Built for low weight, high rigidity, and optimal mass distribution 2 year warranty Adjustable weight system - Three tuning zones to customize mouse weight and balance Selectable response time - Choose between 1000Hz, 500Hz, 250Hz, or 125Hz (1ms, 2ms, 4ms or 8ms)
TitleCorsair Vengeance M65 Performance FPS Gaming Mouse, Gunmetal Black (CH-9000022-NA)
ColorGunmetal Black
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementCH-9000022-NA
Item Height12.4 inches
Item Length13.6 inches
Item Width9.6 inches
Package Height2.7 inches
Package Length10.4 inches
Package Weight0.75 pounds
Package Width8 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement843591027946
Item Weight0.7 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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