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Cougar Revenger S Review (Sponsored)

A Review On: Cougar Revenger S

Cougar Revenger S

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Pros: shape, scrolling, sensor

Cons: middle click, side buttons, main buttons QC

Even though this review was sponsored I'm still 100% unbiased, and I'm very picky when it comes to mice - you can see that in my forum sig as well.

Sorry, this will be a shorter one. I will only get into the technical part, you can check the shape and material and driver stuff in Zy's video or basically anywhere on the internet.

Official site: [link]


There's absolutely no creaking and squeaking when you're pressing really hard on the shell, but there's a very slight rattle when shook.
It weighs roughly 96 grams on my scale with the first few centimeters of the cable.

The feet are okay, nothing special though, and they could have been installed a bit better. The cable is alright as well, not too stiff but not Zowie-level when it comes to flexibility.


Razer DeathAdder

Cougar Minos X3

Zowie ZA12


My main buttons weren't top notch. Right click had a pretty nasty pretravel, the left one was almost perfect. They're fairly light, but tactile, could be really really good if there weren't any pretravel issues. Omron D2FC-F-K(50M) switches are used here.
The scroll wheel is a little too tight maybe, but the Alps encoder does the job wonderfully, no missed/overscrolled notches at all, I really liked it. The middle click is terribly stiff, it needs around 300 grams to acutate.
Side buttons are mushy and yet hard to press in with a lot of pretravel, not very good at all.
The DPI switch is alright though, I'd honestly bind the middle click there in the software if I had to use this mouse as a main.

I've made a video demonstrating the clicks here: YouTube Link


It's a PixArt PMW3360, the implementation is good, it's as responsive as it gets, no floaty feel whatsoever. The firmware could probably be better, some polls got into outer space as you'll see on the graphs. No real issues though. I couldn't find any DPI divergence worth mentioning, the nominal values seem to be accurate.
SRAV test video here: YouTube Link

Paint test

Input lag measurement
Nothing until 2000 DPI, constant 2 ms above. Control subject is a Ninox Venator @ 800 DPI.

PCS measurement
The sky is the limit.

Polling rates
2000 Hz is not quite real, everything else is fine and stable.


Would I recommend it? As of right now there are some better alternatives out there. It could be really good with these issues fixed really, but right now I don't think that it would worth the price. If you're lucky with the QC and you can get yourself one with perfect main buttons then it can be good actually.
Overall the mouse isn't bad, it just has some imperfections that may not even cause most people any trouble. But this is OCN and we are power users, and I don't think this hits the standards.


Size: 130 × 65 × 43 mm
Shape: medium-large, right-handed, ergonomic
Weight: ~94 g
Resolution: 100 - 12.000 DPI
Polling rate: 125 - 1000 Hz
Lightning: RGB, 2 zone
Driver: Cougar UIX System
Number of programmable buttons: 6


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