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A Review On: Cryorig R1 Ultimate CR-R1A Dual Tower CPU Heatsink with 2xXF140 fans

Cryorig R1 Ultimate CR-R1A Dual Tower CPU Heatsink with 2xXF140 fans

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Pros: Stunning cooler, amazing performance, customization, warranty, packaging, adjustable fans, fan clips, etc, etc

Cons: A bit expensive, GLOSSY PAINT, slightly noisy

I'm very happy to wield such a monster cooler, special shout-out to CRYORIG's awesome support and Liam who sent this to me. I'm ready to watch my Macho X2 get beat. Now if only I had the Ninja 4, M9a, and H55 still, I could redo all the results, as once again, I made them worthless by changing my case. Well, anyway, on to the review.
Test System Used
  • CPU: AMD FX-8350
  • Thermal Paste: ARCTIC MX-2
  • Motherboard: ASUS 970 PRO GAMING/AURA
  • Memory: Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3L-1600
  • GPU: Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury NITRO 4GB
  • Case: Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ATX Tempered Glass (Setup)
  • PSU: Thermaltake Tough Power DPS Gold 750W with CableMod Black Extensions
  • Software: CPU-Z / OCCT v4.4.3 / AMD Overdrive / Windows 10 Professional
  • Temperature Monitor: Samshow Hygrometer HC520
  • Ambient Temperature: constant 23.4°C (you're welcome Doyll)


The installation was not fun for me since it's basically a not-terrible version of the Scythe Ninja 4's mounting hardware. I have to somehow lineup the screws with no possible way of seeing the top one in my case. I eventually got it figured out after an hour or so, but it is also my first ever dual tower that I had to install. Basically, you have a few things for AMD that you need to install, and the order you install them goes like this:
  1. AMD stock cooler backplate (included, unlike with Scythe)
  2. Screw pillars
  3. AMD mounting plate
  4. Mounting plate caps
  5. The cooler itself

See? That's extremely simple up until the cooler part. That's where it got difficult for me, as I had to line up the cooler's spring screws with the mounting plate, which was lower than it should be. I had to get two thin washers under the plate to raise it just enough that the plate could be reached by the spring screws. This was still better than the Ninja 4 by a light year thanks to removable fans and built in screws, so I'll give it a 9.5.

Noise Level

Okay, this cooler is quiet, don't get me wrong, but it's noticeably louder than the Macho X2. When I first start up my PC I heard a revving sound, and since my GPU's fans don't turn on at all until I get Sapphire TRIXX opened, I knew that the revving sound had to come from the R1. I'm used to a near silent PC, and this cooler surprised me. But again, it's still quieter than something like a stock cooler or my GPU on max fan speed. 9.5.


I have seen 4.8GHz on my 8350 before. This thing made me see 4.8GHz WITHOUT thermal throttling. Let's get onto the temperatures.


  • Highest: 24.4°C, delta temp is 1.0°C
  • Average: 23.6°C, delta temp is 0.2°C WOW!

  • Highest: 29.9°C, delta temp is 6.5°C
  • Average: 27.0°C, delta temp is 3.6°C


  • Highest: 40.9°C, delta temp is 17.5°C
  • Average: 39.2°C, delta temp is 15.8°C

  • Highest: 59.7°C, delta temp is 36.3°C
  • Average: 58.1°C, delta temp is 34.7°C

Yeah, that's pretty damn awesome. Nikktech said that my Macho X2 was better than the R1 with three fans, but no, that's most likely not true. My CPU didn't throttle at 4.8GHz with the R1, but it sure did with the Macho X2. This is an awesome cooler. 10.


This cooler is so, so, so pretty. The only coolers that look better out of the box based on images alone are the Dark Rock Pro 3 and the R1 Universal. The Ultimate version comes with the black colored CUSTOMOD cover, and it looks so pretty. If all black doesn't float your boat, there is also white, red, green, blue, and one of my favorites, orange (I might buy the orange or white one if this replaces my Macho, still deciding on that). So, it's already one of my most favorite coolers out of the box and you can change part of the cooler? Awesome! The packaging is also really, really good, like permanent keep on display good (like my H7 and my other good boxes). Hell, they even make the thermal paste tube look great. That's dedication to aesthetics, wow. This cooler is so beautiful in every way. I'd give it a 30, but that's triple what I can. Sorry, but only 10.


I really, really, really like this cooler. I'm actually going to keep it for myself, I can see why there is a fan club here on OCN. They really do make awesome products (except the H7, didn't really like that one too much). What's not to love about this cooler? It's relatively quiet, it has mounting hardware that's still better than most coolers, it looks absolutely stunning in my EVOLV ATX with my black fans and GPU, and the performance is better than my Macho's, which I thought was one of the best coolers ever. I'm gonna think if I want to replace my Macho with this thing or not, it's seriously that great.

  • Performance (40% of the score): 10
  • Noise Level (30% of the score): 9.5
  • Installation (20% of the score): 9.5
  • Aesthetics (10% of the score): 10
  • Final Score: 9.75 / 10

Likes and Dislikes

  • Prettiest cooler I've ever seen. Seriously, this is like the cooler version of my case.
  • CP9 is pretty good paste I think.
  • That packaging is awesome!
  • Included screwdriver!
  • Performance is insane.
  • Customization everywhere!
  • Adjustable fans! (never seen it before in my life)
  • Warranty is awesome too.
  • The fan clips are much easier all of the other coolers I reviewed.
  • Incredibly well built.
  • Amazing build quality.

  • A bit noisier than the Ninja 4, TS140 Direct, and the Macho X2, I can actually tell the difference between my Macho X2 and this thing.
  • Mounting hardware is both good and bad. Bad because it's similar to the Ninja 4, but good because it's faster and easier than the Ninja 4 (the screw thing is built in).
  • Mine didn't come with CP9, it came with CP7 for some reason. What is with that?

  • It's pretty expensive, but I am used to stuff like the FUMA and TC14PE.
  • The stock CUSTOMOD parts are glossy. I like glossy stuff as much as Anakin likes sand.

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There were a few changes to this review if you noticed. I added the likes and dislikes part for more space, listed what thermal paste I use, added weighted scores, started checking more than just CPU temperatures, and also started stretching reviews out to multiple days. Soon, I'll hopefully be taking better pictures and being able to measure sound. If you want to help me out with this, you can get me a cheap decibel meter off of Amazon. Sorry about the lack of pictures, I have no clue where the charging stuff for my D200 is, I forgot where I put my D600 + lenses, and I really screwed up my phone. Since I'm keeping it, I'll be able to take pictures too.

Haha, got a picture with my iPad


Wow...that thing cools just as good if not better than my H100i. And this is also more quiet than the H100i. I kind of want to replace my H100i with this R1. Great simple review
Do it! It's an awesome cooler.
You gave noise level a 9.5 because it makes less noise than a gpu with fans on MAX? what's your criteria for an 8/10? Shotgun blast?
9.5 because it's quieter than most coolers, 10/10 would be like the Scythe or the Thermalrights.

5/10 would be stock cooler.

0/10 would be dying stock cooler/Delta fan.
Your temperatures don't make sense. How can you have
Highest: 45.6°C from throttle (about 24.4°C)
Average: 46.4°C from throttle (about 23.6°C)
Highest: 40.1°C from throttle (about 29.9°C)
Average: 43.0°C from throttle (about 27.0°C)

with Load being
Highest: 29.1°C from throttle (about 40.9°C)
Average: 30.8°C from throttle (about 39.2°C)
Highest: 10.3°C from throttle (about 59.7°C)
Average: 11.9°C from throttle (about 58.1°C)
What is this 'from throttle' menas and what is 'about' mean before a temperature reading of 0.1c accuracy?
It means that my CPU's temperature is XX.X°C from thermal throttling, which was either 70°C or 65°C, if it's 70°C, then my temperatures aren't about, they're approximate.
Figured it out. You did not give highest and average CPU temperature. Instead you gave the number of degrees CPU could heat up before it started throttling .. whatever the throttle temperature is. You need to use the temperature reading of CPU and the cooler intake air temperature as baseline air temperature. Subtract intake air temp from CPU temp and you have the delta temperature. That is how most reviewers record CPU temperatures. although many do not use cooler intake air temperature for baseline like they should be doing.
We overlapped our posts. I suggest you use cooler intake air temperature as baseline and CPU socket temperature reading for CPU. By subtracting the intake air temp from CPU socket temp you should be able to get the same detla temperature if you can remove cooler, remount cooler, etc and re-test and even if cooler intake changes a degree or two the delta should be the same.
IE R1 cooler give
CPU socket =60c
intake air = 22c
Delta is 38c
change coolers and test 1, 2, 3 other coolers. Then re-mount R1
CPU socket = 62c
intake air = 24c
Delta is 38c same as you have in first test.
I just did it, did I do it right?

I also kept the intake air temperature the same, which is 23.4°C.
I have no idea what you are doing, but I think whatever it is you are still not doing it the correct way.
What was the CPU socket temperature? Not the distance to throttling temperature.
CPU socket temperature minus cooler intake air temperature equals CPU delta temperature.

Overclocked average was 58.1c socket temp? Then if your cooler intake air temp was 23.4c the delta temp was 34.7c. So yes, it is right. I would remove the distance to throttle temps from your review. Only use CPU socket and intake airflow .. Look at intake air flow and write it down, look at CPU socket temp and write it down .. CPu temp as fast as you can after air flow temp. This means the air flowing into cooler is what is cooling the CPU at that time.
How did you "kept the intake air temperature the same"? I would assume it stayed about the same, but I have seen cooler intake airflow temp change as fan speeds change.
I meant I kept ambient temperature the same.
Do you mean room ambient. All fine and good, but means almost nothing. The important temps are cooler intake air and CPU socket. Room ambient should stay about the same for the hour or so it takes to do stress testing without doing anything to it anyway.
Damn it, I just reread what you said. I've been reading it as "case intake air" and not "cooler intake air". Yeah, I'll remeasure what it is.