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A Review On: Das Keyboard Black Wired Model S Ultimate Keyboard

Das Keyboard Black Wired Model S Ultimate Keyboard

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Pros: Good Warranty, Unique

Cons: Pricey, Pricey, Pricey

The other guy already posted a long review, but I'd like to pitch in my opinion. The Das Keyboard is simply a mechanical blue switch keyboard. There're not features that separate it from other keyboards except from the lack of labeling. In my opinion, lack of labels does not justify a higher price; it justifies a lower price. If you want to type faster, quit looking at the keyboard yourself. You don't need a keyboard without labels to do that for you.

There is no back-light option unlike the Ducky II. There are no macro keys. Hitting keys such as "end" or "home", which I rarely use, become a problem. The warranty is good. There is a 30 day money back, and a 1 year warranty on these. Note that mechanicals typically last ten times the length of the warranty, so it doesn't mean that much.

Yes, the keyboard is good. But all other mechanical keyboards do this and then some at this price point. The Deck is reowned for its build quality and best keys. WASD allows customization of everything. Ducky II fits in back-light options (lots of them) for $10 more. The Cooler Master or Rosewill offerings are getting close to half the price of this keyboard and have the same switches. I don't see a reason to get this, especially with the glossy surface.


Das is known for high build quality as well. It's a nice looking keyboard in my opinion. Some may not like the gloss, but it really doesn't make much difference.

It's like anything else, you pay for higher quality. You can go for the cheaper option if you don't feel it's worth it. Similar to 1440p monitors; you obviously get higher quality from an Apple or Dell, but you also have the cheaper option of a Catleap.
I don't feel that this was a review of the keyboard, but more of a review of the price; which I don't feel is fair.

They do need a tenkeyless option though. I may be switching to Filco because of that actually.
lol.... Im pretty sure if I paid for a lamborghini, I wouldn't want the dealer stickers advertised all over the back of my car.

You get what you pay for, if you truely wanted a backlight, you could have either just bought one with a backlight or mod it yourself.

This Das Keyboard screams sleek and professional.

also as Bielijbog said, Das is known for good build qualities,

to put it in shorter terms,

Das is like buying a german sports car vs Buying a american sports car, An american sports car might feel cheap, but it gives you the power for your money, while the german sports car will give you masterful hand crafted detailed cars along with the power you paid for.
This keyboard is alright, but not worth the price unless you get a deal on it. I have had a few keys not actuate because of debris that somehow got stuck below the key switch mechanisms and were impossible to clean even with the key caps (key cap remover must be purchased separately) removed. The only way to clean it was disassembling the keyboard which voids the warranty. Also, at this price, it should have some more features like a removable cord and a spill channel for when liquid spills on it. I also don't like the gloss finish as it makes the keyboard look well used after a few days with hairline scratches and finger prints. What I do like about it is that it has a long cord (although I would prefer it to be removable) and the key caps are laser etched so they do not wear as quickly.
Are you eating ON your keyboard? I don't understand how debris large enough to block a switch got in there... under multiple switches... You can easily get the keys off without the key cap puller they sell.
I'm also not sure how it would benefit from a removable cable? That just doesn't make sense to me...
Spill channel would be nice, but to my knowledge, most don't have one... Even at higher price points... (Filco)

The gloss is a preference thing and I can understand you not liking it. It was a weird choice, but different at least.

I'm in no way trying to fight with my life to defend this keyboard, but some of these comments just seem ridiculous...
The keyboard does its job well, and then some with the high build quality that will last you years and the USB ports on the side. Some don't like the gloss, but hey, some may not like matte.
this is a biased personal preference "review" (quote unquote)

..nobody pay attention to this guy.
I should have elaborated. The debris turned out to be dog hair from my pet, which gets everywhere. Still, a few hairs sporadically prevented the keys from actuating and I had to partially disassemble the keyboard to remove them. As far as having a removable cable, it is nice if you use the keyboard with multiple systems, such as using it at work and home. I have all my peripheral cables neatly organized and bundled with velcro straps and it would be a nuisance to constantly undo them.
Removable cables on a keyboard? I happen to possess cats who have messed with my cables from time to time, and as one who connected his Keyboard with a USB -> PS2 adapter for a long time to be able to utilize N-Key Rollover, that would have been quite the annoyance. For some, it may be useful, but If it's that much trouble to remove a cable from back behind your desk then it's probably time to reorganize the cables behind it.

As for the gloss, sure, it's different. But when you've got a glossy case(NZXT Phantom), a mouse with glossy sides(deathadder) and a glossy monitor(samsung), suddenly having a glossy keyboard isn't so bad, and since I daily wipe dust and such off of them already, the keyboard only adds an extra ~5 to my cleaning process, if that. That isn't so bad. It doesn't have LED backlighting, which is nice, it isn't all in your face like some other offerings, it's sleek and professional, and is cheaper than a filco. Can't argue with that.

The Das certainly isn't something for everybody, if you don't want to pay, that's fine, but don't hate on the keyboard because you feel you have overpaid. If you think it's too expensive and should have bought something else, then maybe you should have bought that cooler master. If it didn't look so obnoxious, I probably would have bought a Cooler Master storm. It's like buying an old Honda vs. a new BMW. They'll both get you where you need to go, but I'm sure you'd much rather take the BMW over the Honda any day.
Bielijbog: IMO a Ducky will offer what Das offers with back-lighting and plenty of options. Its build quality is nothing to sneeze at. Regarding the lifespan of the keyboard, it is from my knowledge that all of them will last many years, and IMO, too long to really nit-pick over how this build quality is a smidge better than that one. When is the last time you broke a mechanical keyboard just by typing?
kyismaster: Once again, I don't feel the Ducky is inferior in build quality. I didn't actually find out about back-lit mechanicals until after I ordered the Das.
rfz0: Wouldn't using the key-puller work?
srsparky32: Well, I think everybody is biased. You don't have to agree with me.
mvh11: If having everything glossy works nicely for the keyboard, forgive me, everything I have is non-glossy. >

One thing that bugs me personally: The keyboard uses two usb ports. I know, I know, not a problem for most of you, but some idiot broke the 2 front USB ports I had, and buying more USB slots is annoying for me.

Look guys, I'm just stating my own opinion. I may be biased. I'm not a computer magazine or Tom's Hardware. I don't see how 'providing a personal review' is so horrible. Feel free to make your own review praising the keyboard. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, yes?
Our point wasn't that you were biased, but that you didn't actually review the product itself -- you reviewed the price.
I wasn't trying to keep you from expressing your opinion, I just felt you should rate the product.
well put Bielijbog
I wasn't referring to you about the bias.

But point taken.