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[OVERCLOCK LABS] Fractal Define C Windowed - Review

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Pros: Solidly built, PSU shroud/basement, great cable management, very attractive price!

Cons: No fan controller, no option for side mounting GPU(s).

Over the Define C was a great case to build in. Here is my video review.

Fractal Design Product page:

Make sure you also look at Duality92s review of the Define Mini C!



Funky music, and nice case
So many options but still waiting for XL to be updated.
Great vid man. For future reference I would say that something is simply "semi-modular" instead of saying it's "non modular, but modular". Not sure why that stood out to me, but it did.
did you connect the internal audio hd header to the front panel? I have very poor quality and low volume output.
Quality review - thanks
Overclock.net › Components › Computer Cases & Accessories › Define C  › Reviews › bluedevil's Review