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Dell UltraSharp U2412M

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #4 in LCD Monitors


Pros: This monitor is straight out good good colors and looks really professional

Cons: None really

Best monitor I've ever used.


Pros: 16:10, 1920x1200, Colors, Adjustablility, Flexibility

Cons: None so far!

Initial Questions: Just placed my order for my U2412M and I'm wondering if there is anything I should know ahead of time or expect out of this monitor?

- Things to do?
- Applications to use to calibrate it?
- Personal experiences?
- Did I make the right choice?

My answer!


Now when UPS delivered my package I'm thinking. "Okay, this box is pretty small.." Reason being for this is because when I received my ASUS monitor the box was a lot bigger than this one. Considering they were both the same size I didn't really think anything about it until I opened it up. Now even with the box being semi-small the monitor was excellently packaged by Dell and they definitely want to make sure that you're receiving your purchase as if you were picking it up from the factory. +1 Dell.


Now you only get 4 cables with your U2412M.

- Power Cable
- DVI Cable
- VGA Cable
- DisplayPort Cable

Now one thing that makes me a little angry is the length of the cables. They're only about 6ft a piece. Yeah, I understand that the cables are cheap and you can get longer ones for practically nothing, but you'd figure that Dell would include some longer cables considering how high the stand goes and the flexibility you get with it.


Once you take your monitor out, you see that they keep the plastic wrap over it to keep it from getting scratched and what not, but it's only sealed at the top. So make sure when you're taking it out you're extra careful because the plastic flew up on mine and scratched my screen a bit with my finger nail.


Once you take the plastic cover off, and pick up your monitor, you can just tell that it feels so well made and looks pretty sexy. Although one thing you can notice is the screen looks a little "dim" I believe it is because of the "Anti-Glare" thing that Dell provided with these and is not noticeable at all when you're actually using the monitor itself. But as from what I've been hearing it seems to be a personal thing that some don't notice, don't care, or hate.


The bottom of the stand is really nice. It feels solid, looks good, and doesn't budge at all unless you put some force to it. Overall pleased with the design of the bottom of the stand.


Now when you look at how the stand is actually locked into the monitor, it is not screwed in or "securely" mounted so it seems. But I can assure you, once everything is set in stone, and it's in there. Yeah, it's in there. Also, another thing that really appeals to me about this stand, is the adjustable height and Portrait to Landscape. Whether it be for Eyefinity, Surround, or anything you need for any angle, this setup has definitely got your back. However, one thing that did but me about the adjustment of height on the stand is that if you were to pick your monitor up by the monitor itself, the stand will shoot back up making it as tall as it can get.

Not a flaw, just kind of bugs me. But once you have it where you like it, it'll stay there until you pull it down or up.


Picture of everything that comes in the box!


I tried to get a good enough picture to kind of show the whole "Anti-Glare" thing, but it didn't really work out very well. But you can somewhat tell that the colors do in fact, look better. (IMO.)

First Impression:

Monitor looks good right out of the box. I could not wait to get it all plugged in and running to try Skyrim and Battlefield! 16:10 definitely stomps 16:9 and 1200p is a lot nicer, looks a lot better. Easy installation of the stand, easy Menu navigation, setting up couldn't have been easier. Although the Blue's really show when you first start it up (Did on mine, anyway.) you definitely have to set it to your liking.


I used MonitorTest, Battlefield 3, and Skyrim.

MonitorTest for color accuracy, brightness, and contrast adjustments. Battlefield 3 because it's the main game I play so it needed some MAJOR adjustment because the game is DARK if you're using the monitor right out of the box. Actually had to shoot the brightness all the way up in Battlefield due to it being so dark., but with the adjustments, it's perfect. Skyrim, lots of color, landscapes, and textures. Skyrim was a little too dark as well, but once again with some tweaking of your monitor and some in-game settings you really find the sweet spot for everything. Just takes some time and patience to get it done. Or you can visit TFTCentral and they have ICC Profiles you can download and use instead of doing it yourself which they do work very well!

TFT Central ICC Profiles Page

Final Thoughts:

If you're in the market for a nice IPS panel, and don;t want to spend too much money on one the U2412M is definitely a NICE monitor! I absolutely love it, and gaming is so much more enjoyable now that I can see more, and further. 1200p does tax the GPU's a tad though, I noticed that with my 470's I'm starting to creep up on my 1.2GB limit but have yet to run into any issues whatsoever and have been gaming all morning/day. smile.gif

I'm definitely satisfied beyond belief, it looks so much better than my old ASUS LCD. One more thing I would like to say and tackle is the input lag and supposedly "screen tearing".

- Input Lag: I don't notice it AT ALL. Whether it be in the desktop, games, browsing, or anything I don't notice a single bit of input lag. Even though it says 8ms, I don't see it or notice it, and I'm very picking about that kind of stuff.

- Screen Tearing: I'm running 2 470's in SLI, that alone is said to cause "screen tearing", and make everything all buggy and such to some. But, I once again, have not noticed that at all. Everything has been 100% flawless and perfect on my end!

Well, that's it guys. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask. I know 2 other users wanted to know and we just couldn't get answers but I now have personally answered them for you! thumb.gif

Dell UltraSharp U2412M

Enjoy widescreen performance, any way you want it. With a 24" 16:10 panel, IPS technology and LED backlight, the U2412M provides a brilliant view, plus amazing adjustability to suit any style. Powerful: Experience IPS technology, featuring a wide viewing angle with high-quality color representation for a peerless viewing experience. Flexible: Pick the view that works best for you with an almost unlimited range of tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustments. Customizable: Change your energy usage settings, text brightness and color temperature with the touch of a button to help conserve energy with this eco-designed arsenic-free and mercury-free panel.

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