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Dell Ultrasharp u2713hm, First impressions

A Review On: Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM

Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM

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Pros: Build Quality, 1440p is amazing, very light AG-coating, vibrant colors

Cons: Pricier than the Koreans

Before purchasing this monitor, I spent a fair amount of time looking into what monitor would suit me best, and after some research, the new Dell Ultrasharp u2713hm came out on top with a bit of a lead, despite some people on [h]ard apparently having some issues with theirs, mainly problems with image retention and a crosshatch-like pattern across the surface of their monitors. I decided to risk it anyway, figuring I could always RMA fairly easilly if I did have any issues, this being Dell.

After receiving my u2713hm yesterday, I decided to immediately test it for all the usual issues, along with the ones I read about on [h]ard.

It pretty much scored perfectly across the board;

- There was no perceptible backlight bleeding (even looking through a camera, it was barely noticeable.)
- No stuck, bright or outright dead pixels anywhere.
- Tested it a bit for image retention, since that was a common issue on [h]ard, and had no issues at all.
- I looked for the mentioned crosshatch pattern across the monitor, but could not find it.
- The AG-coating was honestly really light. Dell seems to have done a really good job this time, compared to what I hear about previous monitors.

I only had my crappy phone-cam with me when I received it, so unfortunately I could not take any decent pictures straight away, but I can already tell you guys that I'm really impressed with this monitor. I ran a round of my most commonly played games (Guild Wars 2, Borderlands 2, Torchlight 2 and some Battlefield 3) as well, and found it worked really smoothly for gaming as well.

I could fully recommend this monitor to anyone considering one, as far as I'm concerned it was definitely worth getting one of these over one of it's main competitors, or even one of the Koreans.

PS: if you want to bump up the refresh rate on this monitor, or in fact most monitors, a bit, check out the guide I wrote on this monitor's page as well smile.gif


Whoa...$400 more than KR Monitor. Is it Overclock-able?
Well, for me the difference really wasn't that big, compared to the KR ones. Living in europe, a Perfect Pixel Catleap would've cost me about 365-443 euro's, depending on the seller. This dell, on the other hand, cost me about 550 with my discount, which became 450 after recovering VAT, since I bought it on the company. For that small a difference, I'd rather have Dell's RMA policy, superior build quality, the great stand this monitor comes with, multiple inputs, and a panel that didn't get an A- after testing by LG. As far as overclocking goes, I've got it running at 75Hz without any issues now
well with you explaining it, it does make sense to buy this over a crossover *opens calculator* great review btw
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