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DEMCiflex Dust Filter

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The Sandman
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Pros: Easily removed for cleaning. Blends in nice making them nearly invisable.

After researching filters (for weeks) these were my weapon of choice and just thought I'd share the experience.

I run a super tower Xigmatek Elysium case http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811815012 with three rads and wanted all the intakes covered and not super restricted. I chose to go custom size and make things function/look a little nicer.
Contacted Vincent at Demciflex and ordered the following
1 - 420mm x 165mm - bottom rad and PSU
1 - 330mm x 150mm - front rad
1 - 241mm x 281mm - covers huge raised mess on left side cover
1 - 140mm square - right side cover
all black on black with corner radii to perfectly match existing openings. Delivered for just under $70.00 USD.

Service and communication was outstanding. These have been in continuous use since purchase back in March 2012 (4 1/2 yrs ago) and look the same as when new. They do get cleaned at least weekly and it takes so little effort.
No more heavy build up on rads and fans, just a light blowing off takes what does get through away.

Every filter does have restriction and with these (in my setup) I don't notice it at all. I do run AP-15 Gentle Typhoons on the rads normally at 1100 to 1200 rpm.
When stress testing on a hot summer night if one needed that last little bit of air flow these things simply peel off in the blink of an eye to allow full flow (tool less right).
I've been very satisfied with performance and quality.


Must say that DEMCiflex Dust Filters are definitely worth the money, I decided to try some of the ones custom made to fit my radiators and they've been great. Mesh or honeycomb type pattern always beats those cheap PVC filters any day of course, and while there's many magnetic mesh filters on the market these had a reliable magnetic adherence and feel very well made. Some feel loose and floppy or are cheaply glued to the sides and eventually come apart during cleaning.

Regarding airflow restriction, yes all dust filters reduce airflow. Must keep in mind the type of fan you're using, some are notoriously bad at pull restriction and such. If your case has any way to mount filters further away from the fans that's a huge bonus because restrictive material close to fans messes with their natural suction vortex resulting a lot of airflow restriction and noise. I settled on having fan->radiator>filter> since that produced the least noise, but the best airflow was filter->radiator>fan> (at least with Noctua fans) but the latter generated a lot of hissing airflow noise. Keep in mind that my above impressions are based on Noctua fans, which are somewhat poor on intake restriction but I've heard some are worse and even make ticking or buzzing sounds.
I agree that the DEMCiflex Dust Filters are worth the money. I ordered a custom filter for my watercooled Corsair C70. I wanted a removable filter for the front bezel that mounted externally, because the factory filter is a pain to remove. I emailed the filter measurements to DEMCiflex and also ordered a stock top rad filter at the same time. Both filters shipped from South Africa and total cost was under $37.00 US. The filters fit perfectly and are high quality.