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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Augmented Edition [Download]

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #8 in PC Games


Pros: Highly detailed world, thought provoking story and lore, excellent stealth and RPG mechanics

Cons: Boss fights are horrible

This game gets a lot of undeserved hate for two reasons:

1) It's a stealth-RPG released in 2011. It doesn't emphasize run-and-gun, you can't sprint around at 20 mph, therefore it bores the typical brain-dead gamer.
2) Graphics are dated. Graphics are the #1 priority for most people these days, soon they'll switch to watching tech demos.

All of that aside, Deus Ex: HR is one of the most interesting, thought-provoking, and detailed games in recent years, and it exceeds in pretty much every regard. It thrusts you into an immersive, highly detailed and interactive, deeply conflicted, and plausible future world that asks many questions about where technology will lead us, but doesn't give clear cut answers.

Not only is it thought provoking, but the blend of stealth action and role-playing is great. Choices matter and you'll often find yourself in really intense scenarios, for which the outcome is ultimately decided by the player. The dialogue/persuasion system is perhaps the best I've seen, and the stealth gameplay is among the best I've seen.

It's a must-buy for sure, which can't be said for 99% of games today. It's a shame I waited until it went on sale, but then again, they did announce a Director's Cut that will fix boss fights among other things. It might be worth waiting for.


Pros: Fantastic Story, Excellent Art Style, Good Range of Character Abilities, Large Hub Worlds, Brilliant Soundtrack, Great PC Performance

Cons: Lacked an extra Hub World, Not Enough Side-quests, Interaction with Civilians was Limited to special side-quest givers, Felt Rushed Along


I came into this game not knowing very much about it at all. I'd played Deus Ex and Invisible War almost 10 years ago (for the latter at least). I hadn't followed the development of this title and it was always something I'd kept meaning to look into. I spotted it in a shop for £13.99 and thought "oh yeah, that game" and bought it. On the way home I noticed it was as DX11 game which was a nice addition.


The story gets going right from the start. You start in your ex-girlfriend's office, Megan Reed, on your way to see your Boss, David Sarif. She's preparing to travel to Washington to showcase some of the fantastic breakthroughs in science her and her team have engineered, most importantly with human augmentations. She takes you through the science labs and you meet several key players of her team before taking the elevator up to Sarif's office. She splits off to get into a helicopter and you make your way to Sarif to reassure him your security measures will hold up, because Megan and her team are highly sought after... Then there's an explosion an an alarm. You're sent to investigate (since you're head of security) and discover a team of spec ops mercenaries butchering scientists in the labs, you managed to make it to Reed but not before a behemoth of a man throws you into a machine, leaving many internal organs hanging out, and then finally shooting you in the face. In the face! Next there is a cutscene where there is a team of doctors rushing to save your life and scrap out as much debris and organs as possible and heavily augmenting you... And so the game begins.

First Impressions

I got the game home and promptly installed it. There was a couple hundred MB update to download extra via Steam, once that was done I was playing. I was a little lost at first because I kept looking for characters I'd recognise from the previous games, but I quickly realised this was a whole new game in itself (and would see people I recognised later wink.gif ). The first thing that struck me was the art style and soundtrack. These are not things I usually pick up on in an FPS game... but then this is not really an FPS game. Sure you can play it as a shooter if you like but you'd be missing a huge portion of the game. You have time to soak in the visuals and the score.


The gameplay reminded me heavily of Metal Gear Solid and I'm sure this is supposed to feel like that. There is even an Achievement called "Foxiest of the Hounds" a nod to FOXHOUND from Metal Gear Solid, of whom Solid Snake was a member of before he quit and they went rogue. The similiarities don't end there, but I don't think the dev team in Montreal created this intentionally and simple recogised later on that this was where they had gone.
Foxiest of the Hounds Achievement

When you start your first real mission after the prologue, David Sarif, your boss, asks you which way you want to proceed with you mission, do you want to be a lethal player, or a non-lethal player? Short or long range? These affect which weapons you start with (but you can collect the rest later in the game if you wish). This was a nod towards the previous Deus Ex games where you were encouraged to be a non-lethal player, but of course the choice was always yours.

As a Stealthy player most of my time was spent in cover, luring guards towards my position so that I could take them out using the takedown feature. You have two possible ways of taking out a guard, lethal and non-lethal. Both sets of take downs have roughly 8-10 different takedowns and all of them are bone crushingly cringe worthy. During one of the lethal takedowns Jensen uses his augmented robotic arms to spin his wrists around while holding someone's head... snapping their neck entirely and you hear every bone crunching. I'm not proud of this, but by the gods I loved that.

1:09 for the neck snapping goodness...

In relation to the Original Deus Ex

As a Prequel, this game contains almost none of the original players from Deus Ex and Invisble War. In fact, Invisible War isn't mentioned at all (to my recollection), but there are heavy mentions of Deus Ex. Spoilers abound: spoilers ;) (Click to show)
You meet a younger Tracer Tong, if you preordered the game or bought the Explosive Mission pack. If you didn't you still see him at a key point in the game escaping a facility you just blew up. You also meet his father, Tong Si Hung who is the owner of The Hive, a club run by gangsters who harvest augmented people and steal their augments. If you read e-mails and do a lot of hacking computer terminals you can gleem a lot of information about the future game and the beginnings of the NSF. Joesph Manderley (J.Manderley) is mentioned frequently in e-mails, and of course, he's heavily embroiled in this conspiracy himself. There is little mention of JC Denton until the end. If you sit through the credits (which have some humours pictures of the dev team) you are treated a little sound clip and the theme tune of the original Deus Ex.


This is a fantastic game that is fairly well paced. Towards the end it can feel a little rushed as there isn't much to be doing and the enemies aren't as they used to be: spoiler (Click to show)
They're crazy and erratic
but it paces itself fairly well. There is some backtracking within the game that seems kind of forced, but there's also instances where you can achieve something before the actual mission and it still tie in properly, for instance Spoiler (Click to show)
If you travel to the Derelict Row and disable the signal prior to the mission that requires it, this is still perfectly allowable (and helps with some side missions if you kill/disable all the guards) and there is still even a humourous dialogue where you say you shut down a signal because it could be bad... but you still have to travel all that way to the helipad there instead of the one on the building you're in
This is a good design decision. It feels like every step of the way throughout the game the developers thought "what if the player wants to do this?" And instead of finding ways to block or stop that, they've worked to enable it.

Some of the augmentations are out of place, for instance the analyse for hacking is useless as hovering the mouse over them shows you that anyway. I also feel like there was too much penalising people for going down the lethal route of gameplay. If you kill someone you get 10 XP ("Man Down"), Headshots give you another 10XP. Whereas a non lethal shot (stun gun, for example) gives you 20XP for "Merciful Soul" and another 10XP taking them down also. Non-lethal takedowns give you 50 per person, 125 if you do a double takedown, compared to just 30 for a lethal takedown and 80 for a double. I can understand the aversion to encouraging killing people, but when I can walk around the game headshotting civilians without much of a hindrance it seems daft to penalise people too much for killing guards.

Overall this is a player-focused game with attention to detail. I personally give this a 5/5

  • Great Soundtrack
  • Great Storyline
  • Good range of moves
  • Great Graphics - not dated like some have said
  • Immersive

  • Some augmentations are useless
  • No "new game plus" mode to add replayability and allow you to play with all augmentations
  • Some ragdoll effects seem out of place


Pros: Atmosphere, Story, Sound, Worthy Prequel, Controls, PC Compatibility

Cons: Dated Graphics, Watered-down RPG Gameplay, Unrealistic Ragdoll

Great prequel that captures the atmosphere, story and style of the original. Unfortunately its gameplay has turned into nothing more than a mainstreamed glorified FPS, but otherwise still manages to hold up a candle to the classic, in its own right. Human Revolution being a breathe of fresh air, needed from all the cashcow, generic and unoriginal shoot'em ups plaguing the games industry nowadays.

Making it a game that I can easily recommend to newcomers to the franchise, also a nice taste for what's to come with the series for the veterans.


Pros: Refreshing FPS

Cons: Not a whole lot of replayability

While Human Revolution does not match up to the original, it is still a decent game. You have a mild choice of actions to complete most quests differently, and I always enjoy the RPG aspect which gives you a choice over skills and weapons. In this age of COD and Battlefield, a week or two with a different style of FPS game is pretty refreshing. Also, the takedown animations are great fun.

My main complaint with the game is that you don't truly get the choice you did in the previous games. Regardless of anything you do in game, your character is uneasy with the fact that he got "augmented" following a horrific injury. This shows up ranging from actions you take before the game starts (breaking a mirror in your apartment after looking at yourself), to the dialog in the conversations in game. Even when you try and choose a reply that isn't against augmentation, it's still obvious your character doesn't approve. The game also is designed to purely be played going for stealth. It's possible to run and gun it, but you loose pretty much any bonus there is. The other two games in the series, for the most part, let you make your own decisions on a variety of social issues, and also let you approach each obstacle your own way. In the others, if you kill the hostages you might loose out on some credits, but that is because your employer didn't approve of your actions and makes that clear to you- the game does not judge you, and your character doesn't let anything slip either.

Still, I would say this game is worth playing, if you can find it for a good price. I did enjoy hiding in a duct and sniping someone, then watching the other people run around trying to figure out what the hell just happened. It falls short of the other Deus Ex games, but mostly because they were good, not because Human Revolution is bad.


Pros: Embraces stealth and guns blazing in equal amounts; fantastically realized world; soundtrack

Cons: Short; useless augmentations; boss battles; some low rez visuals; flat characters; you can't really immerse yourself in the world

I don't really review things in the conventional sense. Much like Joystiq does. I also don't focus a lot on game mechanics, I don't think I'd be an accurate judge.

I've always liked Deus Ex, even Invisible War. Though that was mainly because I love the world. If you've never heard of it. DX:HR puts you in the place of ex-cop-turned-security chief Adam Jensen. Following an attack on his workplace's headquarters, he then proceeds to follow the trail of clues left behind to figure out what happened. In this world, augmentation of self is the new hip thing. As always there always two groups: those for and those against. Full of conspiracies left and right; such as the Majestic 12 and such, the thrill ride doesn't end for quite a while. I know I'm doing a bad job of selling it...

...so here's 2 videos:


PLUS Points

  • Gameplay is a blast, not since Chaos Theory have I felt the DESIRE to be stealthy.
  • Jensen is a mostly likeable character, important for any playable character. It's important to note that his almost personality is done perhaps purposely.
  • The year 2027 is depicted beautifully and should be built upon.
  • The world feels like on the verge of collapse and it just feels right.
  • The use of orange and yellow is quite fitting and pleasant to the eye. The warmness of those two colours hides how cold the world actually is.
  • They referred to Chinese as Mandarin! As it should be!
  • Neat references to previous characters in the Deus Ex universe and two other big-name games.
  • The use of multiple ethnic groups was welcome, and mostly in non-cliche positions.
  • Not once did I feel like killing anyone. I genuinely felt remorse if I did kill someone.


MINUS Points
  • The Chinese section of the game could have been more...Chinese.
  • Some augmentations seem tacked on. (Kudos if you got the wordplay)
  • Character models are nothing special to look at and have rather stiff animations
  • Suffers from pre-fabrication buildings like Mass Effect
  • Sense urgency is lost after the cool first mission.
  • Not enough backstory.
  • More sidequests would have been nice.
  • No matter what you do, there's always a way around/out. Debatable though. I just think that certain paths should have lead to dead-ends or punishments of some sort. Not because the player is doing it wrong, but in the context of the game.

The game had me sucked me for a couple days and I can safely say it's a welcome addition to the Deus Ex universe. I think it's a brilliant first try from rookie developers Eidos Montreal.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Augmented Edition [Download]

The long-awaited return of the award winning franchise that blends the best of Action and RPG: the perfect mix of combat, stealth, hacking, and social gameplay.

BindingSoftware Download
EditionAugmented Edition
ESRB Age RatingMature
FeatureDiverse customization: Engage in combat and challenges utilizing deep, specialized character augmentations and weapon upgrades.
Hardware PlatformPc
List Price$49.99
Model40772ted Edition2
Operating SystemWindows 7
PlatformWindows XP
Product GroupDigital Video Games
Release Date2011-08-23
TitleDeus Ex: Human Revolution - Augmented Edition [Download]
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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