Diablotek EVO MId Tower Case

A Review On: Diablotek EVO CPA-6170 Black Computer Case

Diablotek EVO CPA-6170 Black Computer Case

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Pros: Compact nice finish and well designed.

Cons: Non-modular, awkward accessibility, and poor routing.

This mid sized tower boasts 4 quiet, but yet very effective case fans. It comes set up with for USB 2.0 up in the front panel. It carries a mat black finish with a little flair from its LED. it carries its airflow all the way through the case. While the unused bays are covered with some filtering to help with dust when it draws air in the front. This case has four 5.25" bays with a quick release so you don't have to use any screws. It also has a 3.5" bay for any legacy device, or anything that you can get in there. The 3.5" bay has two slots where only one is external at that location which gives the impression on where you should put some custom water cooling reservoirs. What I liked about the case was the easy to manage drive bays and abundant screws and standoffs that came with it. I also liked its simple design for airflow and its readiness for watercooling by its top fans allready set up in a row which can handle 2 120mm. This isn't mentioning the two hose ports it has coming out the back in case you want your radiator on the outside of your case. There is a problem with spacing for the routing where there is only so much room, and if you had a full ATX motherboard you would be stretching the cables to the max just to get them behind the routing zones. The only big hit this has is its inability for being modular, but with a little drilling you can pop out the rivets and replace them with screws in no time at all. This is a wonderful little starter case, and it's well worth the money you spend on it.


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