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DIGI-LAND DL808W - Windows Tablet


Pros: Low Cost, Decent Screen and runs very well considering the SPECS

Cons: Runs Hot, Screen is plastic not Glass, Small internal storage

Initial Thoughts on Day of Purchase:

The overall build quality is good but not great.

The screen:
- It's plastic and not glass - so I'm guessing it will scratch fairly quick.
- The color and picture quality are fairly good, but there is a fair amount of light bleed on all edges which does affect the picture at times.
- Touch sensitivity is fairly good but far from great and doesn't always pick up on exactly what you want requiring multiple touches or swipes at times.

- Including all updates and install of apps that I use regularly on my Desktop took about 3 hours and leaves me with approx. 10GB of storage remaining (you'll need and SD card)

SD Card Slot:
-Max of 32GB card

- The cameras are terrible! They take very grainy pictures and are totally useless in low light. (comparable to early I-Pod touch cameras).

- This won't win you any races but for the hardware specs it does a great job!
- It boots to the lock screen in about 5 seconds and takes about another 5 - 10 seconds after entering PIN to a fully loaded Start Screen.

- Takes 4+ hours to charge for a low level
- Discharges rather Quickly even in standby or idle modes
- 4 to 5 hours of use between charges at best usually less

Now with all that said for the price this isn't a bad little Tablet and will work great for the average user. The only thing so far that I've noticed that concerns me is that the back towards the top gets very Hot very quickly when in constant use. So when it was downloading and installing the Windows updates it stayed rather toasty the entire time. This is probably due to a poorly designed or cheap heat-sink for the processor. Couple it with an inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard and it would probably fill most needs on short trips.

Thoughts After a Couple Days Use:

The small memory size does cause it to lag from time to time when opening Apps or switching between Apps and sometimes when scrolling on the start screen. It gets so hot when you are doing something that requires the CPU / GPU to remain in use on a consistent basis that it make me want to put it down (Like watching a movie on Netflix).

So I opened it up to see what the Heat-Sink looked like! It consists of a small thermal pad that transfers the heat to a small metal heat shield / spreader which is topped with a larger thermal pad which transfers the heat to a foil on the inside of the back cover of the tablet. I coated everything I could lightly with Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Compound and put it all back together and it dropped the loaded temps from approx. 70*C to approx. 59*C, (Max temps taken after 20 minutes of movie play). Dropped idle temps from approx. 49*C to approx. 39*C. Might be able to reduce temps further by replacing the thermal pads with higher quality pads, but as of right now at least the back of the tablet no longer gets so hot it make me want to put it down.

If like me you are looking for an inexpensive Windows 10 Tablet to find out if you like the Windows experience on a mobile device before you drop money on something like the Surface Pro 3 or 4, then this is probably a viable option. I paid $99 at Best Buy and with the one minor upgrade / fix that I did it will probably work well for years to come and I would recommend this as a low end windows tablet to anyone that is doing most typical computing tasks.
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DIGI-LAND DL808W - Windows Tablet

8-Inch Windows Tablet 32GB Internal Storage 1GB DDR2 Memory Intel Atom Quad Core 2 Cameras

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