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DIY Modding Wire Sleeving


Pros: Tight Weave, Colored sleeving has no color bleed, Ordered by the meter, Melts easy for heatshrink-less sleeving

Cons: White sleeve does have color bleed.

I've wanted to sleeve my system for a long time. Throughout my time here on OCN and other sites, I (and probably most people) really only heard of MDPC sleeving. Sure there were other brands, but most of them just had a few basic colors to choose from. It was only by luck that I ran into DIY Modding's website. I was surprised the find that there was a relatively good variety of colors available. With 14 different colors, there was plenty to choose from for the project I had brewing.

When I finally got around to purchasing the sleeving, I noticed another benefit to this sleeving. DIY Modding sells it's sleeving by the meter, which may seem like a trivial detail, but for my project, I needed about 12 meters of sleeving in each color. Ordering from Nils would've forced me to buy 8 meters of sleeving I didn't need. This is a great help for someone like me who has a tight budget.

On to the sleeve itself. The sleeving has a nice close weave when it is tightened down, so for all colors except white, there is no color bleeding effect.


Unfortunately, the white sleeve does have some color bleed, but it's much easier to just have to replace your white sleeved cables, as opposed to all of them. You'll most likely run into color bleed with white sleeving, no matter what the brand.


I chose to use the heatshrink-less method of sleeving and I highly recommend it. It was much easier than I expected. The sleeve melts quite nicely. DIY Modding sells pre-cut heatshrink that is too large to be used conventionally, but works fantastic for holding the sleeve in place while you melt it. If you plan on going the heatshrink-less route, I highly recommend picking them up too.


The crimping tool from DIY Modding also does a excellent job, the crimps have nice long fins and the tools bends them down snugly.


All in all, this sleeve definitely deserves a place in the modding community. The sleeve can rival, if not beat MDPC sleeving anyday and I would highly recommend it.

Check out the the site at Sleeve-Modding.com

DIY Modding Wire Sleeving

DIY Modding's sleeving provides a great way to add colorful and professional look to any computer. The sleeving is extremely well made with little, to no color bleed to speak of. Not having to totally replace all of your wires with black or color coordinated ones saves a ton of time. When the sleeve is tightened down, it allows the wire to hold it's form quite well. Overall, the sleeving is fantastic stuff! As a bonus, DIY Modding lets you order it by the meter, so you aren't forced to buy way more sleeving than you need.

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