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A Review On: DIYPC Alpha-GT3 Bench Computer Case

DIYPC Alpha-GT3 Bench Computer Case

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Pros: when you are new at building or you change components often, turn off the power and do it, you can, reach anything any time.

Cons: you do have to dust it and it has to be out of childrens reach. not something you have drinks around

the top shelf is for the mobo and it comes with numberous stand offs and screws. the psu goes on the bottom right and lots of room for cables. the top rail has the mount points and screw hole for your gpu or other accessories. there is a wire set similar to the one you get with a regular case, led indicator, reset and power buttons. there are 2 trays for ssd/hdd and you can mount a cd/dvd with screws. one side of each piece is matt black and the other is high gloss black. it comes with brown sticky paper like an acrylic case window but on all components. this can take a little time to can be easily modified to hold a radiator for a liquid cooling unit and if you are going to use one it might be a good idea to add brackets for that. there is room for 1 80mm fan behind the drive trays.biggrin.gif

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I've been looking at building one of these from scratch. Good to see what I'd probably forget . Buying would be convenient but I'd miss out on the fun.