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A Review On: DIYPC Alpha-GT3 Black Acrylic

DIYPC Alpha-GT3 Black Acrylic

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Pros: open air test bench, easy accessibility for troubleshooting. looks real cool and functional..

Cons: protective coating is a pain to get off. instructions are shotty at best.

make sure you look at the pics real good in the instructions, the dull side is up on the bottom panel,
realizing this will save time.
have patience.

install mobo stand-offs before you install optical and HDD/SDD's.
package comes with extra screws and hardware, do not be alarmed when finished and still have extras.

Most importantly the designer of this product got the 'logic behind the function' aspect down pat. The placement of parts is very logical and everything is easy to access. This was my #1 criteria when purchasing this product. Some other bench cases seem to focus on form before function... And I do not believe in buying a bench case ' just to look cool'


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