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Dragon Age: Origins

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Pros: Unparalleled amount of content, amazing character development, phenomenal role playing, everything

A controversial title, I know, but if I had to pick a "greatest game of all time", my vote goes to Dragon Age: Origins. For such a large scale game; an adventure that takes you all across the nation of Ferelden, with so much interaction and exploration, DAO's attention to detail is virtually flawless and unmatched. Games of this scale are open to more flaws, but DAO doesn't have a single major flaw in my opinion.

Give this article a read. It's really informative about how DA:O is the most ambitious game. Not only is it the most ambitious and most complete, it does everything it sets out to do almost perfectly, with very little flaws. This game is really first in line when talking about the best of all time.

This game was in development for a long time. Bioware is most well known for Mass Effect, KOTOR, Baldur's Gate, and somehow Dragon Age is overshadowed by both Mass Effect and even The Witcher. Not to take anything away from those games, but Bioware's main focus are character development and lore. DAO does an even better job creating characters than Mass Effect, and has much better plot build up.

Dragon Age: Origins has some amazing locations. Places aren't reused and repetitive like Mass Effect and Dragon Age 2, and the game isn't linear like The Witcher. One playthrough takes about 50-60 hours if done properly, and one of the most unique features about the game is how there are six playable, 2-3 hour "Origins" which are essentially the backstory of your character, showing how and why he became the protagonist of the game. Which origin you get is dependent on your race and class, when creating a character. This is a remarkable feature, indeed.

DAO is one of the best RPGs in recent years, being very heavy on RPG elements, both in more old-school terms (stat-based combat, heavy stat emphasis on items, strict classes), and in more modern ways (how decisions affect character dialogue/attitude and how quests play out). These more "modern" RPG elements are taken to an extent only seen in Bioware titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age 2, but it surpasses those.

Combat is like the classics, without any of the clunkiness, though it's much more simplified. DAO emphasizes party-based, strategic pause and play combat. It feels very much like KOTOR, and has many similarities to the combat in Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, etc. Don't expect the same level of complexity or playstyles though, Dragon Age only has 3 classes (Warrior, Mage, Rogue), but with a few unique specializations for each. Strategy is so important in this game... poor strategy combined with taking on higher level enemies will make victory pretty much impossible. This turns off some of the small minded typical gamers, but is great to see if you like a challenging game.

Dragon Age: Origins works on every level: as a character driven role-playing game, an adventure game, and it just does a phenomenal job at creating a world. It's huge in scale yet attention to detail is second to none, and it has no major flaws. It also has excellent mod support. DAO is a once in a lifetime game, don't expect to ever see anything else like it.

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Dragon Age: Origins

Become immersed in a dark and heroic fantasy world realized with BioWare’s trademark depth and expertise, enriched with its own unique lore and brought to life by some of the best artists in the industry. Deep customization gives you control over your character in Dragon Age. Race, appearance, abilities, and equipment all affect how you look. What you do will affect how you are perceived. Your origin defines your place in the world and how others see you. These playable sequences introduce the world and let you decide how your character becomes a hero, setting the tone for the entire story to come. Stand at the heart of the storm sweeping across Ferelden. Choose the fates of nations, people and, ultimately, yourself. Just remember: for every choice, there is a consequence. Control your perspective as you guide a party of four into battle. Issue orders, build your own tactical AI, or take control of any party member to lead the charge. Downloadable content will provide you with exciting new stories and ways to expand your Dragon Age experience beyond the original game. Use the provided toolset to author your own adventures to share with friends.

BrandElectronic Arts
ESRB Age RatingMature
FeatureAt the heart of the storm sweeping across Ferelden. Decide the fate of nations, people and, ultimately, yourself. Just remember: for every choice, there is a consequence.
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StudioElectronic Arts
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