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DT Water Blocks 5Noz


Pros: Low Restriction, Excellent Cooling, Very Good Mounting System, Very Solid Construction

Cons: None

The DT 5Noz is one of the newest CPU water blocks out there and is already one of the best. With the lowest restriction seen in a high performance water block, it is especially ideal for highly restrictive water cooling loops. While it is not the best cooling water block available, it is the lowest restriction and with water flowrate being important to temps, you can get better loop temps in highly restrictive loops in some cases using this water block. The block itself is heavy and very solid-built and comes with a simple, yet effective, mounting system consisting of screws, springs, and thumbknuts. I recommend the DT 5Noz to anyone looking for a good performing and low restriction CPU water block.
DT Water Blocks 5Noz

The base is a micro-channel design machined into alloy 110 copper. The nozzle permits parallel flow paths through the base and is machined from alloy 360 brass. The top is made from BLACK acetal copolymer, G1/4 female threaded ports for fittings.

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