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Ducky DK9008G2 MX Brown Overclock.net Edition


Pros: Solid, Compact, Nice space and size. It was free.

Cons: Right side shift key needed cleaning even with gentle use while keeping the keyboard covered when not in use.

I wish all the keys lit up. :p


Pros: Mechanical, MX Brown switches, LED backlight on WASD keys, media keys, full NKRO over USB, Overclock.net edition

Cons: Doesn't ship with a USB to PS/2 adapter

So I won this keyboard which was donated by the admin in the CC '12. Thank you, admin. smile.gif

First off, it's Overclock.net edition! biggrin.gif Although mine misses the keycap with the ocn flame, it's still great with the full ocn logo on the spacebar.

It's mechanical. I need not say much about it.

MX Browns. Feels great. Almost no sound, and isn't a bit hard to press. My typing speed has increased a lot than on the cheap membrane keyboard I had before. Feels great while gaming too.

Has full NKRO over usb which has to be turned on by a DIPswitch underneath the board. With that turned off, it has 6kro.

LED on lock keys as well as the WASD keys, and the ones in the latter can be turned on/off. Although I don't need it, but doesn't look bad.

There are media keys to control pretty much everything about music, comes in handy for me.

The Win key can be turned off while gaming, and the Ctrl and Caps lock and Alt and Win keys can be swapped with each other, both via the Dipswitch underneath. The former is quite useful for me.

The board comes with red WASD keycaps and a keycap pulling tool, and a detachable USB cable. Although it shows a USB to PS/2 converter in the user manual, it didn't ship with any.
Ducky DK9008G2 MX Brown Overclock.net Edition

Ducky DK9008G2 mechanical keyboard with MX Brown switches; Overclock.net Edition.

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