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Ducky Shine Cherry Mx RED Red LED

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Pros: Cherry MX switches, backlighting.

Cons: No USB ports, pricetag.

The keyboard arrived in a nice box which pictured a backlit Ducky Shine.
When first putting my hands on the box, I noticed right away it was quite heavy. The weight of the keyboard itself is around 3 pounds, making a sturdy piece of equipment.
The keyboard itself came wrapped is a pouch, that has both a fabric and a plastic feel to it. Once you take it out of the pouch, a plastic mold covers the whole top of the keyboard. I liked this as you can use the plastic mold as a dust cover.
Aside from the keyboard itself, the box included a USB cable, a PS/2 adapter, a set of green WSAD caps, and a keypuller.
The USB cable is relatively short compared to my Corsair K90, and I ended up using a USB extension so that it would reach my PC.
The PS/2 adapter comes in handy if you run out of USB ports, or if you want to take advantage of the full NKRO.
The green WSAD key caps were a nice addition, but the color choice really boggles my mind. The green color really doesn’t go well with the red backlighting.
The keypuller was a great accessory that while very simple, is a very effective tool for easy key removal.

To first set up the keyboard, one must initially connect the USB cable to the keyboard’s mini-USB port which is located on the bottom. There are channels on the bottom of the board through one can route the cable so that it can come out on either side of the keyboard, or the center.
Upon plugging the keyboard the first time, a single light will shine, that light will be the Blue NumLock key.
I should also note that there is no software to install with this keyboard. You simply plug it in and are set to go.
By pressing the FN+(F9-F12) one can turn on the backlighting and set the LED brightness. The different modes of backlighting include:
o No LEDs
o WSAD keys, arrow keys, ESC key, and spacebar
o LEDs on everything but the numpad
o A pulsating mode on all the keys

There are four more keys on the top right of the board which act as hotkeys for launching the Calculator, My Computer, Default Search Engine, and Default Mail Client.
The F keys on the board also server as multimedia keys which can be activated by holding down the FN key. The multimedia keys feature the standard Volume Up and Down, Mute, Play, Pause, Stop, along with Next and Previous keys.
The board itself feels very sturdy and solid. There is no flexing in the board at all.
The ABS caps feel great and the Cherry MX REDs provide a smooth key press.
Honestly, even though my Corsair K90 feature the same switches, the MX REDs, both keyboards feel different. The K90 has more of a clack sound to it, while the Ducky dampens the sound a lit better.
Now, a few complaints about the board.
When one raises the keyboard onto its back feet, the keyboard will tend to slide a lot easier as the feet do not have rubber on them.
Coming from a keyboard with a mounted wrist rest, I have to say that I do miss it. Of course I can buy a separate wrist rest, but I tend to move my keyboard quite a lot and I feat it will just get in the way.
Also, I don’t know why they included green WSAD keys. A better choice would have been red or perhaps white keys. Definitely not green.
Apart from a few minor dislikes the keyboard is great. I understand that the price tag might seem a bit steep for some, but I feel that coming from the Corsair K90, the extra $20 or so will be worth it.
Overall I have to say that it is a great board worthy of the OCN logo etched into the spacebar.
Ducky Shine Cherry Mx RED Red LED

This high quality, custom Overclock.net branded Ducky keyboard offers you one of the best typing experiences available. The mechanical keys mean no more dealing with that mushy, unresponsive feeling that traditional keyboards offer. Able to respond to having all keys pressed simultaneously, this keyboard is perfect for gamers and typists alike, who demand the best responsiveness a keyboard can provide.

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