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Ducky Zero Shine Zone DK2108SZ


Pros: Very simple, and quality built

Cons: Light and Thickness

Been using my Ducky Zero Shine Zone for 2 months now. I know it's not the newest Ducky product - having Shine 4 out recently and during my time of purchase, Shine 3 is already out cold. But I chose the Zero Shine Zone not because it's just a bit cheaper (S$20, USD16 cheaper than Ducky 3), but because I don't have to trouble myself of paying more for functions I don't want (not don't need, is don't even want), having too many FN keys above the fonts is quite disturbing for a simple person like me - this sentence also meant that if you are one of those who want simple, no bull**** stuff (not saying Ducky 3 FN are bull****, but it's not important or a very big issue), then Zero Shine (DK2108S) is right for you. I got this because the DK2108S is out of stock locally. In the end bought this at S$179, or USD143 (Due to heavy tax and shipping tax from greedy government)

The quality of Ducky keyboards are top-notch, Dual layer PCB keycaps for durability (not for DK2108) and laser engraved legends making sure it won't disappear. Some say this brand's keyboard can last 5-10 years, but owning it for only 3 months, I cannot guarantee anything - but the company's been around for more than a decade, since 1998.

To conclude the pros, the Ducky Zero (DK2108) is entry level, Ducky Zero Shine (DK2108S, which is my ideal one), has better key caps and also backlighting, Ducky Zero Shine Zone (DK2108SZ, what I am using) is same as DK2108S except for one additional function - Adjustable Repeat Delay Time and Repeat Rate that I don't use.

Minor cons like the light have been receiving complain from people with OCD. They're complaining about how every light turns on, but caps is off because they don't want to keep 'shouting' at people when they're chatting online (switching on the caps lock will allow the back light to lit, but that means you will be on caps lock all the way. People will start 'www.learnhowtooffyourcapslock.org' and stuff). But there is no key to allow caps lock light to be lit on even if you want to but not on caps lock itself. This doesn't affect me IMO.

Thickness, this affects me a little. Ducky keyboard is quite thick, I THINK* the Corsairs and CM Storm ones have better thickness. This cause my hands' angle to slant higher than I want to, but I am used to it now, but on other forums, they did say if you have small hands, it's going to hurt your wrist and lower palm area. Ducky came out with a $35 solution, the Ducky keyboard wrist rest (maybe not a wrist rest as they claim it's only a wrist-riser, and it's not soft), made out of genuine leather.

Recommend: Yes, totally in love with it, almost wanted a CM Storm, but changed my mind to Ducky for that super simple look. CM Storm is great, but as I said, Ducky has the most simple look compare to most gaming peripherals, unless we're talking about KBParadise (those mini keyboards). Ducky simplistic approach is similar to those Filco and etc. biggrin.gif

If there's any error in my review, and any veterans wish to correct, please do so, I am always open to learning from everybody (reason why I join the forum), everybody's opinion will help one another, including myself!
Ducky Zero Shine Zone DK2108SZ

Ducky Zero DK2108S Features: Adjustable Repeat Delay Time and Repeat Rate under USB 3 Zone independent backlighting Dual layer PCB for increased durability. NKRO function, allowing to press as many keys you want. Windows Key Lockout Specification: Model number:DK2108SZ Interface:USB Output: N-Key rollover or 6key rollover Keycaps: UV coated, lasered legends. Lighting Modes: 3 Zoned independent backlighting (8 brightness levels including off), Breathing mode Backlight colors: Blue, orange The difference between DK2108S and DK2108SZ is the Adjustable Repeat Delay Time and Repeat Rate

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