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E-3lue Mazer Type-R 2500DPI USB Wired Optical Game Gaming Mouse Black-Gray EMS140

100% Positive Reviews
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Pros: Looks really cool with the LEDs, DPI setting are handy, it's ergonomic and the braided wire is nicely made

Cons: The buttons have started to act a little wonky after 1.5 years of usage.

It's really my first gaming mouse. I tend to not very expensive things because I van't afford them really. But this one is very budget friendly and looks way more expensive than its actual price. Holding it is nice in hand and I find the blue LEDs (which goes well with my case since that also have blue LEDs) very cool. The DPI setting button also has a nice Red or Blue LED on it, which changes depending on your setting. I find the DPI setting very useful personally, specially when doing something that requires a lot of precision, like picking a lock in Skyrim/Fallout or sniping a very far target.

Of course being a budget gaming mouse, it's not perfect. The prints have started to vanish after a bit of time, and the worse thing is that the buttons have started to act a little wonky. I opened it and cleaned it and it did help a little, but they're still not what they used to be. It's still highly usable though.

So if you're looking for a cool looking budget gaming mouse, do go for it!


Pros: 4 easily changed DPI settings, frequency rate change on the bottom of mouse, LEDs look really good, braided usb cable

Cons: Remains lit 100% of the time,

I purchased this mouse to get a feel for how much a "gaming" mouse actually influences a game. Up until now, I have not really ever focused on getting a gaming mouse since I only ever did casual gaming. I didn't really feel that 50-100 dollars for a gaming mouse was appropriate for me and my casual gaming. Also, the mice I saw were a bit garish to me with 30 side buttons and 16 DPI settings, all things that I would never use for a premium I was not willing to pay. I then saw this little gem on sale for 15 dollars with a host of good reviews and decided to purchase it from my good ol' shopping buddy Amazon. (Who doesn't love Amazon Prime? Never heard anyone complain that Two-Day Free shipping was too fast or too "free") Seeing as how I had a good quality Dell mouse (stop laughing, it was a better quality Dell mouse... Who am I kidding, it was a crappy Dell peripheral biggrin.gif) beforehand, so I couldn't see that it was going to make a large difference in my computer experience.

As soon as I opened my parcel to see the packaging of this mouse, I knew I was dealing with a different calibler of peripheral. The packaging itself was very attractive and I was painfully careful not to destroy the box in my excitement to experience this new mouse. The mouse looks fantastic. It has a braided nylon sleeve on the USB cable, bright LED lights, and a comfortable fit for mid-size hands. I use all types of hand grips for mice, so I can't really say what is the least or most comfortable on this mouse since it fits my hand really well in any grip I try.

Right away I could tell a difference, although I wasn't entirely satisfied with the results. I had to spend a little bit of time tweaking and playing with the mouse to find the setting that made me feel comfortable. The lowest DPI setting is INSANELY low to me, but if you just need to move 1-2 inches per movement, I suppose it would be handy. After finding my sweet spot, into the games I dived! I instantly was made WORSE in all games I played. I was over correcting and clicking past targets. It definitely took me some getting used to. After about 5 minutes of play, I fully adjusted and began to own the n00bs who dared challenge me! The fast and precise response of this mouse combined with the aesthetics make it a fantastic buy for budget gaming (especially if 30 side buttons, 16 DPI settings with 3000 DPI, and a high price tag don't appeal to you).

My ONLY complaint is that the lights stay lit on this mouse all the time. I have tried multiple ports and even tried using a powered USB hub, which was the only way to make it cut off since the power is turned off my me turning off a switch, but it added a bit of latency to my clicks and movements. It's not really an inconvenience for me to have it glowing all the time since it's not in the room where I sleep. It also makes it much easier to go to the fridge in the middle of the night or to find coins on the floor in the dark. (Yeah, it's that bright!)

I have thoroughly enjoyed using this mouse and will keep it in my arsenal for quite a while.


Pros: response, weight, balance pad

Cons: arrival speed, its a palm mouse not a claw

I have been using this mouse recently since it arrived a few days ago.
Has a braided usb cord.
The dpi settings are nice for in game use so that you can adjust for the situation. It also changes color to indicate a dpi setting change. Smaller button so it is more difficult to accidently hit and also to change.
Lights on the side are a plus and negative. Nice looking during a the day and a bit annoying during the night.
The balance pad is nice but if it was an inch forward would support thumb from dragging on the mouse pad.
The size of the mouse is good and fits people with bigger hands better.
all the buttons have a solid click feeling on them.
For those that have played with mice that have high dpi settings the mouse at first feels laggy. yet for people who havent the mouse will feel incredibly smooth

For a starting mouse in gaming this is definetly a good, cheap alternative and will last for a while until they wish to spend the extra money on a high end mouse
*side note when I originally ordered mouse it was only available in china might have changed now.

Games played:

Skyrim Elder Scrolls
Modern Warfare 3

E-3lue Mazer Type-R 2500DPI USB Wired Optical Game Gaming Mouse Black-Gray EMS140

-100% Brand New in Box -High Quality, Compact Design and Measurable Weight -Ultra-precise Scroll Wheel -Customize DPI Switch: 500/1250/1750/2500dpi. Avago 5090 Chipset -Ergonomic Hybrid Shape -Ultra-quite and Low-friction -Resoulution adjustable in driverless-free drive -DPI Switch LED Light Size: 125 x 85 x 39mm Switch Life: 8 million cycle -4000FPS frames per second (4.2 megapixels per second) -Zero-acoustic UltraslickTM Teflon feet -Special Edition for Gaming -Buttons: 6 buttons with scroll wheel(Two Side-Buttons) Most suitable for Laptop user and PC user -Optical technology works on most surfaces -Intelligent connectivity. no need to code, plug & play Built-weight iron, feel comfortable, mobile and stability -The USB cable length is up to about 1.8m -Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, ME, 2000 and Mac OS...or latest

BrandE-3LUE Mazer
FeatureButtons: 6 buttons with scroll wheel(Two Side-Buttons) Avago 5090 Chipset 4000FPS frames per second (4.2 megapixels per second) Switch Life: 8 million cycle Customize DPI Switch: 500/1250/1750/2500dpi
TitleE-3lue Mazer Type-R 2500DPI USB Wired Optical Game Gaming Mouse Black-Gray EMS140
Item Height14.96 inches
Item Length4.88 inches
Item Width33.46 inches
Package Height1.97 inches
Package Length8.43 inches
Package Weight0.53 pounds
Package Width4.8 inches
ProductGroupPC Accessory
Item Weight0.3 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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