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EGDE 101


Pros: Great shape for those whose prefer ambidextrous form-factors. Good fit for large hands. Suitable sensor for gaming across the board. Exclusive switch.

Cons: May be slightly too heavy for low sens gamers. Metal feet may cause issue with some hard surfaces.Scroll wheel rattles, easy to click.

I don't really like to review mice too early into acquiring them, usually I'll give some time to let potential issues (or hidden bright spots) emerge. But with this product I feel that I have enough of an opinion developed to atleast put this out there. Some of my views may slightly alter in the future, but lets get into it...

Points of Interest: As usual, I'll just outline topics that are worth mention/discussion....

Mouse Feet: I still don't see why this was really a fuss, even more so now that I've actually got the mouse under my hand. In short, the feet glide just fine on virtually any cloth pad. There's no "weirdness" about them. At no point am I aware that what the mouse is gliding on happens to be metal. I honestly can't see how anyone who's a fan of say, hyperglides, would dislike these in any way from a pure performance-based experience.

Sure, I guess they add some weight to the mouse (but then again, if weight is your #1 concern then you probably wouldn't consider this anyway) but they really do get the job done. I even tried this on my Func 10XL w/o issue (as far as glide).

Buttons: Hori claims that their exclusive micro-switches "allow 40% faster actuation". While I can't confirm that atm I can state that MB1/2 feel great. I'd describe them as a stiffer G303 in feel. Quite low travel with a springy, consistent bounce-back. I'd argue that I personally like them more than the G303 due to less mis-clicks but still feeling that I can spam easily and consistently.

All the other buttons are fine. Funnily enough, I prefer the tactile feel of the extra buttons all the way on the back of the mouse to the 4 main side buttons (which are tactile, but considerably easier to activate). The middle mouse click is also quite easy to press, so much so that I can see how some could accidentally activate it while scrolling in either direction.

Can someone link me Bloody's original bump test software btw, the new one doesn't seem to work for me.

Sensor/Software: I haven't really gone too in-depth with the testing/graphs atm, but it's a 3988. Pretty much what you'd expect from it. I can post particulars if someone deems it necessary. One weird thing though is the DPI steps. Well actually, I should firstly mention there's currently no software for this product so I can't actually customize anything as of now soo...yeeah. Anyway, I'm not actually sure how many steps their actually are as the number of times I press the buttons isn't always consistent with the values. The steps themselves always measure the same though. One of them is ~200, one is ~950 and another is ~6000.

My 3988/9 mice:

Coating: This is where I usually deviate from other people. For whatever reason, my dry hands don't agree with anything that's "supposed" to be grippy. Hence why 95% of mice with rubber side grips or specialized coatings "for those intense all-night gaming sessions" are useless to me and might as well be a bar of soap. The Edge 101's coating is akin to the top coating of the Rival 100 (except on this it covers the entire surface, which I love).

-Shape/Size: Ab-so-lutely love it. The way I see it, if you just put all other things aside and purely look at the shape of this mouse...then consider the fact it's packing a 3988...in many regards, this is the "Optical Sensei" people have wanted for years. For me it's a superior shape to the Sensei. The contours work better for my grip and it's a bit higher on the sides, allowing more space for my ring/pinky fingers. As a guy with ~21cm hands and a general preference for ambi mice, this thing is a dream incarnate. I've spent so much time using smaller mice simply due to their overall shapes or lower weight that having something that's actually "my size" is quite refreshing. I hold it with a relaxed claw grip and haven't held a mouse that felt this "correct" in my large hand other than the 3.0.

It also reminds me somewhat of the Avior, with less irritating side-buttons (at least for claw/fingertip, pure palm may have similar issues).

Weight: I guess this is the make it or break it aspect of this mouse for many, so I'll try to be concise here. This mouse comes with a 25g weight that's extremely easy to remove, it's more than likely Hori knew that the extra weight was something a good chunk of buyers would want to disregard (kudos to them for at least that much). Without the weight+screws it's listed ~105g (it feels about that as well, I don't have a scale). If you're someone that absolutely has to have a mouse that's light as possible (talking to you Abbysus, Lua, Mico, G100s, WMO, Aurora, etc type guys) then I'd say don't even waste your time. This mouse probably won't work for you or your playstyle.

...but, if you're literally the guy using a Sensei and just won't break apart from it due to the shape then this mouse might just be the optical alternative you've been waiting for if you willing to take a few extra grams with the better sensor for your needs.


The funny thing is I got this mouse just as a new toy to play with until the FM ambi is released. It ended up catching me off guard, mainly due to 1) the great glide provided by the controversial feet 2) Hori's nicely implemented proprietary switches and 3) SHAPE...ggwp.

I'm starting to feel like Elrick (minus the outlandish disdain for Skynet Razer Corp) because I truly cannot let this beauty out of my collection. It's simply a jewel of a mouse and honestly HORI did an amazingly good job with this one so I can understand why they're a known name in other arenas.

If you're someone with large hands and/or can deal with 105g in-game then I'd say this is worth a try at worst. Otherwise I suppose some will write this off as a brick with stupid feet and gimmicky switches, which is understandable. All I know is I'm enjoying it so far.
EGDE 101

HORI expands their grasp on the peripheral market with their first crack at a gaming mouse, the EDGE 101.

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