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EK-FC460 GTX GS/SONIC - Acetal + Nickel GPU water cooling block

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Pros: Works well, stylish

Cons: Fussy fitting procedure

A Water-Cooling Noob’s Review:
To be quite clear, this is a good product. If properly installed it cools the Palit or Gainward 460 GTX well. The idle temperature of 33C with stock cooling gave way to an idle temperature of 28C. (Ambient temperatures during testing were low twenties.) Load temperatures of 83C gave way to temperatures around 36C. That is a big improvement. The water block certainly looks the part too. I had no leaks either.

This was fitted as a separate loop using a Laing DDC 18W Pump, XSPC Laing DDC BayRes Two, XSPC RX360 radiator, and Tygon tubing. (Thanks Kel)

I had no performance issues with the product at all. My only difficulty was with the assembly/installation of the product.

When EK say “Safe, noob-proof mounting system with Standoffs”, there’s another way of taking that. The mounting system as described is a very fussy procedure with a lot of built-in frustration for the inexperienced.

The thermal pad material provided needs to be individually cut to suit each location. They will not cover all as-is.

The installation instructions don’t tell you that there are two different size standoffs. They do tell you there are two different sized screws though, so perhaps I should have expected it.

I tried the installation as described in the instructions, but my MX3 wasn’t as sticky as the instructions suggested. After failing to get standoffs to stay where they belonged with the standard procedure, “I did it my way.”

A piece of foam out of an old mobo box was needed. All the screws and washers were placed in position back of the stripped 460, and then the mobo foam was laid on top of them, before turning the whole thing over. The foam stopped the screws falling out. The standoffs were placed over the appropriate screws, using the smaller standoffs from the separate packet on the two outer smaller screws. The water block was put on top of this, and then the whole lot was turned over again. The foam was removed and all the screws were done up.

I found that easier. I don’t know if other water blocks are any easier to mount or not, and as said already, no issues with performance or quality. Top notch really.

I have had no corrosion problems.

An excellent product that's a bit fussy in the fitting.
EK-FC460 GTX GS/SONIC - Acetal + Nickel GPU water cooling block

According to EK: A Full cover block for non reference design GeForce 460. High performance water block for GeForce 460 GTX PALIT and GAINWARD graphic cards. Base is made of nickel plated electrolytic copper. Top is made of quality POM Acetal material. The sealing is preformed by quality rubber washers. Block is mounted with enclosed M3x8mm and M3x6 DIN7985 screws. Fittings can be used on both side of the block (up and down) and 2 plugs are enclosed! FC LINK: Due to blocks construction "EK-FC Link R48X0/58X0" is compatible to make an SLI connection with the EK-FC Bridge Summary: - Featuring a unique, modern look copper design High performance VGA water block for GeForce 460 GTX NON-reference design series graphic cards. - EK FC series water blocks cover all chips on graphics cards that require cooling if overclocked. - An extreme high flow path design and unique increased cooling surface over GPU keeps all your graphic cards components cool even at highest graphical loads and over clock. - Blocks base is made of 99,99% electrolytic copper. - High quality CNC manufacturing. - Leak tested to 2 bar pressure (30psi). - Safe, noob-proof mounting system with Standoffs. Key Features: - Real high flow internal design gives minimum flow restriction which allows lowest possible temperatures, not only at VGA water block, but also in the entire water-cooling system. - Cools GPU, VREG, I/O CHIPs and MEMORY modules. - Multiple barb/fitting position allows 4 different fitting configurations. - Allows maximum flexibility for water cooling system setup also in SLI. - Reduces temperatures up to 50°C or more at maximum load. - Much cooler components, allow maximum possible overclocking. Technical data: - Dimensions of copper base: 105 x 120,5 x 7mm - Dimensions of acetal top: 153,5 x 121,5 x 8mm - Threads: 4 x G 1/4 - Fittings: optional, not enclosed - Nett weight: 600g - Gross weight: 650g Packing list: - 1 × Water block - 2 × EK-Plug G ¼ - 2 × EK-G 1/4 Spacer with o-ring - Mounting mechanism with 10 × POM Acetal standoffs - Thermal pads - Allen key

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