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EK Waterblocks R9-290X Reinforcement Bracket


Pros: Inexpensive, clean finish, subtle, effective.

Cons: White versions are not available to match certain systems.

Opening your brand new Radeon R9-290X is a wonderful thing. Install a new EK-FC R9-290X series block on it, pop it in the system, boot up and begin playing games. Even with the water block keeping temperatures from reaching their preposterous 90C+ load conditions, the PCB continues to warm and warp- potentially causing damage. The inexpensive fix to this is the new bracket.

The R9-290X bracket itself measures in at right around 264mm, just over 6mm deep, and 27mm at it's tallest. The finish is flawless (textured black with very mild reflective qualities), and no scratches or blemishes were observed during my initial inspection and later installation of my units.

Included hardware in the package: The EK-FC R9-290X Reinforcer Bracket, an allen key, two allen headed bolts (seen in later pictures), two phillips head screws of different lengths (meant for installation with or without a backplate), a single nut for use without a backplate, and two plastic insulation washers. All of this smaller hardware is packed inside a small resealable plastic bag, whereas the instructions are folded up and lose just as the bracket is. Every piece of this kit are placed in a large plastic bad which is taped shut.

Installation of this piece is streamlined and very well laid out in the mounting manual. If the block and backplate are already installed, no significant teardown is required- a mere screw is required to be taken out which will be shown later in pictures. The two allen headed bolts are required regardless if a backplate is installed or not, along with one of the philips head screws plus a single washer (both washers and the nut are required if not used with a backplate).

Here are some shots of the bracket highlighting the look and texture/finish of the reinforcer itself.

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EK Waterblocks R9-290X Reinforcement Bracket

With the release of a new graphics card, typically new products must be put out to compensate for the weight of a heavy water block. EK's approach is a stealthy, textured black finished reinforcement bracket which will fit all of EK's R9-290X blocks (including backplates).

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