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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in PC Games


Pros: Incredible leveling system across many disciplines. Great action. Over 400 quests.

Cons: Has bugs. But there are Bethesda and non Bethesda fixes for most of the serious ones.

I've been playing computer games since well it seems forever and have played most of the top games through the years. With Skyrim I finally met a game that kept me enthralled for the better part of a year. I haven't had a game that took that long to play since the original Starcraft and it's expansion pack. I don't know if I can heap enough praise on Bethesda for this game. All others (save maybe for Fallout 3, the original Starcraft and the Half Life series) pale in comparison. And it's not just the original games content that kept me going at it for so long. The 2 main expansion packs and many many community mods added to that 700 plus hour total. Some of the community created mods make this game far more visually appealing and provide many more quests on top of the release version. I feel sorry for those of you stuck playing it on an xbox or a ps3. How Portal 2 won game of the year over this I'll never understand and I played and enjoyed Portal 2. It was a great puzzle solving game. It just did not have the depth and breadth of play that Skyrim has. Maybe it was the bugs that plagued Skyrim when it was released and didn't really get fixed until almost a year later that tarnished it initially. To really enjoy Skyrim put the main 2 story lines (Alduin and the Imperial/Storm Cloak war) off as long as possible. Build your character up via the leveling system and enjoy the Skyrim world. A few of Skyrims side quests and sub storylines have more playtime than some entire games. BioShock Infinite *cough* 11 hours *cough*. The Dark Brotherhood forever. Hail Sithis.


Pros: Unrivaled open world exploration, drastically improved UI compared to Oblivion, phenomenal gameplay mechanics, excellent mod support

Cons: Weak story, mediocre campaign

Skyrim is certainly my pick for Game of the Year 2011, followed closely by Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Starting off with the negatives, Skyrim has no class limitations and lots of removed skills and spells/enchantments (though most of these were redundant). It's just disgusting how everyone makes these "do-it-all" characters, and, for example, how you can join the Stormcloaks as a Khajit or Dunmer or Argonian. The game is also a bit too easy; any sense of challenge on the hardest difficulty is gone by level 25 or so, and weapons/armor no longer have to be repaired. Overall, it's a slightly inferior RPG to Oblivion and Morrowind, but most of the comments from nostalgic Morrowind fanboys are exaggerated and stem from their inability to accept any kind of change, even all of the positive ones.

All of this, as well as occasional bugs (physics bugs, AI bugs) are my only real complaints about the game. However there are mods that improve or fix every single aspect listed above. You're reading this on overclock.net, so you probably play this game on PC. Therefore, don't hesitate to get mods for this game. I use about 70 mods, all of which can be found here and most of those are absolute necessities.

So what makes Skyrim so great? I'll tell you, LOTS of people misunderstand this and totally miss the point. I assume the typical gamer does this, especially on console. Most people load up a single player title, and just play through the main quest. What they don't realize is, the main quest is not the emphasis or main attraction to Skyrim. It's not an impressive main quest at all, it's definitely fun but nothing remarkable like Dragon Age, or even Oblivion or Morrowind's.

The main attraction is just wandering off into the open world and exploring, doing whatever you want, whenever you want. Combined with the fact that there are so many ways to define your character, and so many side quests, makes Skyrim by far the longest lasting game ever made. The Elder Scrolls games were always known for their unrivaled open world detail. Nothing else even comes close to Morrowind, but Skyrim raised the bar even further. It's the most lively, most expansive, and most detailed open world they've created.

Don't be shy when it comes to mods, and remember that your hand is not forced when playing this game. There's nothing you're "supposed to do", no place you're "supposed to go", when free roaming. That's why it's called free roam. Free roam is the main attraction to Skyrim.


Pros: Everything you'd expect.

Cons: Bugs (as expected) Rushed quests, poor interface,

I'm seeing quite a few full flame reviews lately (Not just for Skyrim) and this troubles me somewhat.

Why? Well maybe I'm just hard to please, but i think that there's always room for improvement, no matter what the product is. Nothing can ever be a 100% perfect rating product as there will, inevitably, always be better - and what kind of review would this be if i didn't point out the faults?

Skyrim is no exception.

Now i do actually love this game, but quite a few things really glare out at me and bother me alot. So i'm going to start with the cons:

1. Spells.
Totally lacking in this game, no variety, no mage class, nothing really. Total disappointment. Fortunately I've never been partial to the magic classes but even this troubled me.

2. Quests
Ok, not all of them were bad, some of them were great. But alot of them felt like rushed -- and consequently shallow -- experiences. The guilds for example, my god wasn't that over fast? Without going into great detail (i want to avoid spoilers) It's over before it feels like it's even begun.

It's also the inconsistency of the game and how things overlap that just...shouldn't. Being a thoroughbred evil bugger who goes around butchering innocents to then be suddenly let into one of these guilds, then ultimately call the shots shortly after joining? Just maddness. This bothered me in Oblivion and Morrowind and if anything, seems WORSE in Skyrim. No background checks? Boy you NPC's are trusting, and that leads me onto number 3:

3. NPC's
This video accurately summarizes my view on their behavior:

Walking down a street and having a random NPC share with me his life story is just awkward, and in it's own way quite comical - but the joke wears off quickly.

I get swamped with quests this way and it just makes me realize that there's better ways to introduce the player to quests without making NPC's come across as trusting, semi-retarded children.

In fact, the children in this game appear MORE intelligent then many of the adults!

This overall disposition NPC's had towards me (Too trusting and friendly) actually made those times when I was the victim quite refreshing and a much needed change. (The Argonian in Solitude, anyone?)

Bethesda, sort it out for the love of Pete.

4. Other
Things such as how every horse is essentially a clone of one another, no first person view on horseback, No talking on horseback, no environmental effects (such as cold damage during snowstorms/Diving into freezing water, etc) Poor bastardized interface and Dungeons/ruins frequently consisting of the same enemies over, and over, and over....The later levels (25+) make it almost intolerable.


Well really everything we've grown to expect from a TES game will fit in here, the free roaming gameplay, the large game worlds, the vast content.

I'd also like to really praise the music in this game, which is a huge improvement over the past titles, as well as implemented brilliantly.

But for me, what really stands out is the modability and the potential that brings.

This is where this game will really pay off. And although we're still waiting on those mod tools, it's the mods that will make this game what it should've been, heck the Nexus is already filled with some much needed game changes. Just like for Oblivion/Fallout 3/ New Vegas.

You bought this on console? You're a fool.

Modding aside, Vanilla Skyrim has many hours of content to keep you amused (Far more then what most games would ever offer you), for this reason alone, it's a title worth getting without any doubt. Just don't expect not to get tired of the formula after hitting the later levels.


Pros: Graphics, sheer amount of content, music, atmosphere, combat system, leveling system, mod support.

Cons: Some bugs, UI will not be for everyone, i never bought it sooner.

I got this game late 2013, and for a price i could not step down from.
What a purchase it is, with me only touching the surface of this game i am in for many hours more fun and content, let alone extra content via DLC's which i have yet to purchase.
Graphically the game is a real looker, but mods do improve upon what is already a great looking game.
Saving in Skyrim is a great thing for me, if i make a bad mistake, i can go back and reload my nearest save point, something that gets dismissed by a lot of other titles out there.

I give this a 10/10.

The game is far from perfect, but this exceeded my expectations by a long shot.


Pros: Free-Roam, Customization, Side Quests

Cons: Bad Ending, Bad Main Questline

I bought this game about a year ago... And I still play it! It has free roam practically from the start.
I need to go now but Buy IT!
And.... DONT CHEAT OR USE CONSOLE COMMANDS! It makes the game so boring


Pros: totally immersive gameplay. graphics and sound is epic. storyline is solid. playtime is, well huuuuuuuge.

Cons: Few character customizations. Bad ending.

Skyrim is an excellent RPG game. Lots and lots of quests to do. The Storyline is great, I was enjoying the dialogue on the turn of events, but the ending is totally LAME. After the climax, there's no definite cinematic experience. No credits, no cutscenes, no nothing. Love the game with mods. Multiply the gaming experience to the nth level. To be able to switch from first to third person is pure genius.

I definitely recommend this game to RPG lovers. Too immersive to play on a single character. smile.gifthumb.gif


Pros: Excellent graphics, captivating gameplay

Cons: demanding PC spec

Very good game with good graphics but the PC has to be very good to enjoy the game propertly.


Pros: Its TES, enough said really

Cons: Havent seen any yet

Still have less than 50 hours total on this game but do enjoy it very much. The basic (unmodded) game is good, but once its all modded up, its great.


Pros: Alot of content, Wide range of content, Huge & varied world.

Cons: Content is sometimes a little random, a lot of 'key' characters are bland or similar, a lot of quests are bland and similar

Skyrim, as a whole is a pretty awesome game. There's a lot of side-quests, and the variety in everything is huge, but it often feels a little empty, and it's sometimes a bit dry too.

But I find every pro is met by an equal, and related con.

an expanded pros and cons:

Whilst there are certainly enough quests to keep you playing Skyrim until the 'cows come home', it seems that Bethesda have slacked on the content, a lot of quests given go under a 'Miscellanious' tab, and therefore have no marker on the map, and no description. This annoys me a little, as I sometimes wonder just where I can join the Stormcloaks, or the Imperials, and I have frankly, now, given up on that hope.

Whilst the subjects of the quests are pretty varied (College of Winterhold, Theives Guilds, Stormcloaks, Imperials, Miscellanious.. etc) the quest layout is pretty standard. It is usually 'Go here, Get this, Do that, Kill him, Come back'. It's a little tedious to be doing 3-4 'fetch' quests for the College, to then go "Sweet! I am going to go and join the theives guild now!" and be greeted by practically the same quests.

The beautiful expanse of Skyrim sure is fun to roam, if not a little very lonely. Besides wolves, hunters and the occasional Khajit, I find myself wandering from Solitude to Riften and the only real things I find to fight are Wolves and Necromancers. It is such a shame that they have fluffed up such a beautiful game by leaving the enemy count too low. Sure, I don't want to be swamped 24/7, but it's not like I'm even close to being really challenged now..

The levelling system sure is well implemented! - No. Whilst the levelling system is pretty 'Boss' not a lot is encouraged, I have completely forgotten to do any Enchanting, and Smithing and any Speech, and up to now, I've been fine - but the time came when I had to sell some junk, and I was being offered like 40g for Flawless Garnets, when the value in my 'view' is well over 100 - It's not like this is justified, as they don't make you even think about levelling anything else up. With combat - you have to, you're told to work at a Forge in riverwood, and nothing else is mentioned again.

There's freakin' loads of dungeons to go into! - But they're all the same, as someone else has said, room with 2-3 enemies, area to regain magicka, safe corridor, then room with further enemies. It's a little disappointing, as the idea of vastly different dungeons appeals to me, as it's not always part of the main quest.. But again it's a little flawed.

This frustrates me, as Bethesda seem to have gotten a sweet game together, then been all like 'Jheeze guys, lets take a break, I really need a waffle or something... What? Oh that? Nah we'll just publish it now.. it's close enough, yeah.. Yeah Hype it up a little too.' - They really need to just finish it off.

Oh, and Frostbite spiders.. They suck.

Overall, it's a fun game, and I don't think its flaws hold it back too much. I do moan a lot, but it's still worth playing, I just wish it was perfect.


Pros: is that a trick question ? lol

Cons: console port, buggy, poor story, voice acting, graphics, combat and AI

waste of money.

most overhyped game since Bioshock.

i was very disappointed after waiting so long frown.gif

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the next installment in the award-winning Elder Scrolls series. Skyrim is the follow up to the 2006 Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and the next game from Bethesda Game Studios, creators of the 2008 Game of the Year, Fallout 3.

BindingVideo Game
ESRB Age RatingMature
FeatureChoose from hundreds of weapons, spells, and abilities; the new character system allows you to play any way you want
Hardware PlatformPc
Height0.6 inches
Length7.5 inches
Weight1 pounds
Width5.3 inches
List Price$59.99
Operating SystemWindows Vista
Package Quantity1
PlatformWindows XP
Product GroupVideo Games
Release Date2011-11-11
TitleElder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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