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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Reviews


The best game I have ever played bar none. Over 700 plus hours played.


Pros: Incredible leveling system across many disciplines. Great action. Over 400 quests.

Cons: Has bugs. But there are Bethesda and non Bethesda fixes for most of the serious ones.

I've been playing computer games since well it seems forever and have played most of the top games through the years. With Skyrim I finally met a game that kept me enthralled for the better part of a year. I haven't had a game that took that long to play since the original Starcraft and it's expansion pack. I don't know if I can heap enough praise on Bethesda for this game. All others (save maybe for Fallout 3, the original Starcraft and the Half Life series) pale in comparison. And it's not just the original games content that kept me going at it for so long. The 2 main expansion packs and many many community mods added to that 700 plus hour total. Some of the community created mods...
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One of the Best Open World RPGs to Date


Pros: Unrivaled open world exploration, drastically improved UI compared to Oblivion, phenomenal gameplay mechanics, excellent mod support

Cons: Weak story, mediocre campaign

Skyrim is certainly my pick for Game of the Year 2011, followed closely by Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Starting off with the negatives, Skyrim has no class limitations and lots of removed skills and spells/enchantments (though most of these were redundant). It's just disgusting how everyone makes these "do-it-all" characters, and, for example, how you can join the Stormcloaks as a Khajit or Dunmer or Argonian. The game is also a bit too easy; any sense of challenge on the hardest difficulty is gone by level 25 or so, and weapons/armor no longer have to be repaired. Overall, it's a slightly inferior RPG to Oblivion and Morrowind, but most of the comments from nostalgic Morrowind...
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Skyrim; My Honest Review


Pros: Everything you'd expect.

Cons: Bugs (as expected) Rushed quests, poor interface,

I'm seeing quite a few full flame reviews lately (Not just for Skyrim) and this troubles me somewhat. Why? Well maybe I'm just hard to please, but i think that there's always room for improvement, no matter what the product is. Nothing can ever be a 100% perfect rating product as there will, inevitably, always be better - and what kind of review would this be if i didn't point out the faults? Skyrim is no exception. Now i do actually love this game, but quite a few things really glare out at me and bother me alot. So i'm going to start with the cons: Cons: 1. Spells. Totally lacking in this game, no variety, no mage class, nothing really. Total disappointment. Fortunately I've never...
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Worth every penny.


Pros: Graphics, sheer amount of content, music, atmosphere, combat system, leveling system, mod support.

Cons: Some bugs, UI will not be for everyone, i never bought it sooner.

I got this game late 2013, and for a price i could not step down from. What a purchase it is, with me only touching the surface of this game i am in for many hours more fun and content, let alone extra content via DLC's which i have yet to purchase. Graphically the game is a real looker, but mods do improve upon what is already a great looking game. Saving in Skyrim is a great thing for me, if i make a bad mistake, i can go back and reload my nearest save point, something that gets dismissed by a lot of other titles out there. I give this a 10/10. The game is far from perfect, but this exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

Amazing Game


Pros: Free-Roam, Customization, Side Quests

Cons: Bad Ending, Bad Main Questline

I bought this game about a year ago... And I still play it! It has free roam practically from the start. I need to go now but Buy IT! And.... DONT CHEAT OR USE CONSOLE COMMANDS! It makes the game so boring

TES V: Skyrim Review


Pros: totally immersive gameplay. graphics and sound is epic. storyline is solid. playtime is, well huuuuuuuge.

Cons: Few character customizations. Bad ending.

Skyrim is an excellent RPG game. Lots and lots of quests to do. The Storyline is great, I was enjoying the dialogue on the turn of events, but the ending is totally LAME. After the climax, there's no definite cinematic experience. No credits, no cutscenes, no nothing. Love the game with mods. Multiply the gaming experience to the nth level. To be able to switch from first to third person is pure genius. I definitely recommend this game to RPG lovers. Too immersive to play on a single character.



Pros: Excellent graphics, captivating gameplay

Cons: demanding PC spec

Very good game with good graphics but the PC has to be very good to enjoy the game propertly.

Very enjoyable so far....


Pros: Its TES, enough said really

Cons: Havent seen any yet

Still have less than 50 hours total on this game but do enjoy it very much. The basic (unmodded) game is good, but once its all modded up, its great.

Skyrim - truthfully


Pros: Alot of content, Wide range of content, Huge & varied world.

Cons: Content is sometimes a little random, a lot of 'key' characters are bland or similar, a lot of quests are bland and similar

Skyrim, as a whole is a pretty awesome game. There's a lot of side-quests, and the variety in everything is huge, but it often feels a little empty, and it's sometimes a bit dry too. But I find every pro is met by an equal, and related con. an expanded pros and cons: Whilst there are certainly enough quests to keep you playing Skyrim until the 'cows come home', it seems that Bethesda have slacked on the content, a lot of quests given go under a 'Miscellanious' tab, and therefore have no marker on the map, and no description. This annoys me a little, as I sometimes wonder just where I can join the Stormcloaks, or the Imperials, and I have frankly, now, given up on that hope. Whilst the...
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i expected a lot better than that from Bethesda.


Pros: is that a trick question ? lol

Cons: console port, buggy, poor story, voice acting, graphics, combat and AI

waste of money. most overhyped game since Bioshock. i was very disappointed after waiting so long
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