Evga GeForce GTX 670 FTW Reviews


One of the best cards I've owned.


Pros: Performance is near 680, best price/performance ratio you can get, Nvidia Drivers.

Cons: Run's hotter than other aftermarket coolers. May want more juice for 1440p+

I switched to this card from an AMD 6950 Crossfire setup. I was riddled with driver problems. I crashed on a weekly basis due to the AMD drivers. I could not overclock well and the Crossfire was the worst purchase I've ever made. I'm experienced with drivers and how to uninstall/install them correctly. I was plagued by AMD's drivers. I switched to the 670 FTW 2GB and it beat the performance of my 6950 crossfire. I do not crash anymore and now believe in Nvidia's drivers. I have never crashed due to the card or drivers after the switch. The card plays any modern game at max settings. Only Crisis 3 and Far Cry 3 have really challenged this thing. It ran Metro: Last Light like a hot knife...
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GTX 670 is a good card overall ...

PROs :- 1- Runs quiet. 2- Draws less power than the competing AMD cards. 3- Better binned GPUs than the reference EVGA GTX 670s. 4- Mine did overclock very well 1360 MHz (@1.21mV) & 7430 MHz memory. 5- Performance is very decent. 6- Support a new Anti-aliasing technology TXAA which is exclusive to GTX 600 series. 7- 2 GB VRAM is decent for unmodded games and 1080p resolution. CONs :- 1- Runs alittle bit hot. 2- Cannot compete with Tahiti cards at high resolutions especially when the latters are overclocked, and the gap gets further with games relies heavily on bandwidth (Sleeping Dogs, Metro2033, Crysis 1/ Warhead ... etc) 3- Costs higher than HD7950 and about the same as HD7970 but...
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So far so good!


Pros: Great Cooling, Sexy Design, Very Powerful at Stock

Cons: Could Overclock Better

Full review here: http://www.overclock.net/t/1263529/evga-gtx-670-ftw-unboxing-and-benchmarks-56k-warning/0_50#post_17370004