One of the best cards I've owned.

A Review On: Evga GeForce GTX 670 FTW

Evga GeForce GTX 670 FTW

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Pros: Performance is near 680, best price/performance ratio you can get, Nvidia Drivers.

Cons: Run's hotter than other aftermarket coolers. May want more juice for 1440p+

I switched to this card from an AMD 6950 Crossfire setup. I was riddled with driver problems. I crashed on a weekly basis due to the AMD drivers. I could not overclock well and the Crossfire was the worst purchase I've ever made. I'm experienced with drivers and how to uninstall/install them correctly. I was plagued by AMD's drivers.

I switched to the 670 FTW 2GB and it beat the performance of my 6950 crossfire. I do not crash anymore and now believe in Nvidia's drivers. I have never crashed due to the card or drivers after the switch.

The card plays any modern game at max settings. Only Crisis 3 and Far Cry 3 have really challenged this thing. It ran Metro: Last Light like a hot knife through butter.
This card is still, in my opinion, the best price/performance ratio you can get, for gaming. I don't have any experience with it, but have done research and concluded that this card scales really well in a SLI setup.

The only con I have with this card is that it runs hotter than other cooler set ups. This is just preference, the card is built to take the heat. This also may not be enough juice to keep a solid 60 frames on 1440p+ resolutions on graphic intensive games.

I have zero regrets buying this card and highly recommend it. It is night and day better than my old setup. Good luck with your purchases. thumb.gif


I miss my MSI GTX 670 PEOC: Ran through games like butter and drivers (catalyst drivers never work properly) that I never had to worry about. Solid as a rock card and never broke 70c / max settings in every game @ 1020p! The GTX 670 should go down as an Nvidia Victory !
Just my two cents; I had used ATI/AMD from circa 2001 until 2012. When I built the rig in my sig, I had first bought and used an HD 7970, a "Black Series" card too. Honestly, it was horrific! I was so fed up with just everything from the drivers to the performance I RMA'd it and bought the EVGA GTX 670 FTW, "hoping" for the best.

I got much more than I had hoped for! I love this card, I really do. I am exceedingly happy that I chose it, and the main reason was because at the time it was the same price comparison to the HD 7970. I got about 10 times the card for the same price.

I know I have said that in my next build (which will be Pentium) I was going to upgrade to at least two 780's, but I am seriously considering using 3 of the 670 FTW's instead, I am so impressed with this one card that I honestly do not want to take chances with anything else! I know that sounds silly, but take it for what it's worth, this IS after all just my two cents, remember?