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EVGA Z77 Stinger


Pros: High Quality, Built in Bluetooth, CPU temp display, Supports i-core and Xeon Processor along with 2133mhz memory

Cons: Memorysockets are close, EUFI bios is really bad in windows mode, no built-in wifi

For time back I decided to make a SFF built. I loved the idea of ​​finding a small cabinet and packing a monster of a computer in there. Unfortunately I did not have the money for the best of the best, but I, I ended up on something something I was happy with, and it all started with the motherboard.

I looked at mITX, and fell over eVGA Z77 stinger at the time, and in thinking it was the most smexy motherboard I had seen.

The motherboard has a good weight and a good quality feel.

There is on-board USB 3.0 header, Built-in Bluetooth, and a CPU temp display showing the temperature of the processor. During the POST displays the status or error code for why POST is stalled.

There is one PCI-E 3.0 slot, because it is mITX, but there is also a mini pci-e where you can install a WiFi card or an SSD for extra hard drive.

Performance on the motherboard when running stock cpu and memory speed is a bit similar from Asus or MSI, but when overclocked, it's a whole different story, and the motherboard from eVGA shows what really can be.

BIOS is primitive in appearance, but doing as it should, and you can adjust to pretty much everything, just wish it had a better graphical EUFI similar to ASUS and MSI, and the Windows shortcut EUFI BIOS was not just an expanded version of CPUz.

My system will soon exceed 1.5 years and there has NEVER been a problem with it and I will definitely use eVGA mITX motherboard in my next built, if they continue to produce them. thumb.gif
EVGA Z77 Stinger

They say big things come in small packages. They are right. The EVGA Z77 Stinger has arrived and this board brings enthusiast features, overclocking and performance, to a mITX form factor. Features like native PCI-E 3.0, SATA 6G and USB 3.0 are included here, along with an Intel Gigabit Network controller, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI and more! EVGA knows that power is critical for a performance board, no compromises were made because of the size. The EVGA Z77 mITX features 7+1 power phases, complete with POSCAP and Solid State capacitors delivering clean, stable power to your CPU for maximum over clocking support. Don't let the small size fool you, the EVGA Z77 Stinger has plenty of storage options. Native USB 3.0 support delivers super speed performance for next generation storage devices, and native SATA 6G enables maximum performance on the latest solid-state and mechanical storage drives.

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