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Fallout 3

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #5 in PC Games


Pros: Lots to do, open ended, lots of weapon choices, stealth or tank your choice

Cons: buggy at times and felt unfinished at times

I was sad to see Fallout move away from tun based strategy as I had started with the very first fallout coming out of a vault and killing rats with a knife smile.gif

That said once I started playing I got into the game and really liked it, Fallout 3: New Vegas was a huge improvement over Fallout 3 and I am really looking forward to Fallout 4.

It irritates me that Bethseda sued Interplay over a trivial matter in order to keep them from going forward with a Fallout MMORPG and now have done nothing with the series for over 4 years. Not cool. So I took a half star off for the company but if you can get this game cheap and FONV get them, well worth it.


Pros: Lots to do, good graphics, great story

Cons: Can be buggy at times, short main quest line

One of my favorite games of all time. Still play on and off to this day.

It's kind of the game that introduced me to hardcore gaming. Many fond memories of schoolnights and weekends wasted on this magnificent piece of software.


Pros: Absolutely immersive. Fantastic setting, sounds, story, side quests, and NPC's.

Cons: Bugs / Glitches. Really my only major complaint about the game. With such a massive game its slightly understandable.

This is one of those games I was extremely glad I wasn't working when I played it. I was so immersed into the world that it was like reality outside of the game didn't matter, I spent basically a few weeks straight living my life in fallout 3, and I have no regrets. The sounds, the 50's setting, and the location absolutely sucked me in, in a way no game since Final Fantasy VII / VIII on PS1 did. This is one of those single player games that you can spend hundreds of hours on, and still not truly have done everything there is to do in the world.

The story was great, but more importantly the side missions and NPC's are as high of quality as the main campaign. You always feel like you are doing something important in the world even if it's not the main campaign.

What can I say other than the fact that I absolutely loved this game? I never had the pleasure of playing FO1 or FO2 before hand so how great this game was came at a bit of a surprise for me. A very pleasant and unforgettable surprise.

The only downside to this game is the engine and more importantly bugs/glitches. I personally ran into several. Some on the PC, and lots more on the PS3. If you have a choice I would get the PC version for sure unless you are also a trophy hunter.


Pros: Amazing world and exploration, good use of RPG elements

Cons: Movement isn't very smooth, buggy on Windows 7, shooting mechanics could be better

Following in the footsteps of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Bethesda took their open world RPG formula a step forward with Fallout 3. I doubt you'll ever see an open world game surpass FO3 in terms of world detail. It was one of the most talked about games of 2008 and with good reason. Fallout 3 recreates Washington DC in a post-apocalyptic world, and does so in spectacular fashion.

The emphasis of this game is not on the main campaign, but on free roam and exploration. Don't even bother playing this game unmodded, get all of these which bring a lot of life back to the game, both literally and figuratively. With these mods, Fallout 3 becomes one of the most brutal and unforgiving open world games in existence, matched only by modded Fallout: New Vegas and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Misery.

Imagine yourself scavenging in inhospitable places, like a pitch black metro station. You'll know that you're surrounded by monsters you can't even imagine; you hear them creeping about, but can't see them due to the darkness. One wrong move, and they see you. You can't defend yourself since you carry only a lead pipe and one or two stimpaks. Finding a single stimpak will be a sight for sore eyes. You're sick from dehydration and radiation poisoning, and you have almost 0% chance of finding a bottle of purified/radiation-free water. Don't forget to watch your step, because there are traps everywhere...

This intensity and fear for your life cannot be found in many other games, and it always requires mods to do so. Fallout 3 with those mods becomes one of the most fascinating and unforgiving game experiences ever.

This game really raised the bar for open world games. Nobody really comes close to Bethesda when it comes to open world level design, except perhaps Obsidian with Fallout New Vegas, but even that is much more bland than Fallout 3. This game is an instant classic and a must-have.
Fallout 3

3 playable characters, each with their own unique traits, strengths and attributes. Unleash over 50 ranged, explosive weapons on hoards of radioactive and mutant creatures and bosses. Tons of unique equipment to acquire from defeated enemies.

ESRB Age RatingMature
Feature1st- or 3rd-person perspective
Hardware PlatformPc
Height1.25 inches
Length7.5 inches
Weight0.35 pounds
Width5.25 inches
List Price$19.99
Operating SystemWindows 2000
Package Quantity1
PlatformWindows XP
Product GroupVideo Games
Product Type NameSOFTWARE
Release Date2008-10-28
TitleFallout 3
Number Of Items1
CreatorWindows XP
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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