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Fanatec Clubsport Pedals


Pros: Sturdy, precise, adjustable. Priced very well compared to competition

Cons: very few games support brake vibration under lock.

Anyone with some cash to spare and a racing game addiction should definitely consider purchasing these pedals. They can directly plug into various Wheels, or be connected directly to your PC via USB. The pedals can also be hard-mounted to your simrig or floor if desired.

The solid aluminum pedals and base feel very sturdy, even when in the most manic of situations when racing. there's No bendy, wobbly plastic to take away from the immersion of trying to modulate throttle and brake while navigating a corner. If the pedals are too close together or far away, you can adjust pedal plates accordingly. Also, you can replace the springs of each pedal with springs of your own choosing if you find the ones provided are too soft or too stiff.

These pedals also feature magnetic, contactless sensors that aren't supposed to wear down like the ones featured on many other popular pedals. Sofar, they've gone over a year strong with any of the problems I experienced with Logitech pedals or standard Fanatec pedals.

One very special feature of these pedals is the load cell featured on the brake pedal. The brake pedal is actually pressure sensitive, which makes finding the the threshold right before tire lockup much easier. You'll find yourself being more consistent with braking as well. Some games even support brake vibration when the tires lock. Alternatively, if this is not available, you can configure the brake to vibrate when pressed down a certain percentage.
Fanatec Clubsport Pedals

- Solid aluminum construction which feels like in a real race car - Distance between pedal plates can be adjusted to allow heel&toe technique - Height of pedal plates can be adjusted to match foot size - Spring strength can be adjusted on gas and clutch - Vibration feedback motor on brake pedal to indicate blocking tires. The driver software calculates this moment based on the telemetry data received from the games. - Contactless magnetic high-precision sensor on accelerator and clutch with unlimited lifetime - Pressure sensitive load cell sensor on the brake. Control the brake force with muscle tension instead of movement - Realistic brake pedal dampening created by special PU foam made in Germany and used in the car industry in shock absorbers. Ultra strong and smooth. - Adjust the maximum brake force with a rotary switch on the pedals and independent from software. Choose from very soft to super heavy. - Possibility to mount the pedals directly to a cockpit

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