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Feenix Autore


Pros: Sleek/Minimalist, Extremely Sturdy, High Quality Braided Cable, Excellent Customer Support, Unique Gold Plated Connections, Spill Protected

Cons: No Backlighting, No Adjustable Feet, Only MX Browns, Subtle Lettering, Price

The Feenix Autore is a sleek, minimalist, elegant keyboard. It features no macro keys, no media keys, and no additional software. Feenix brands themselves as a boutique peripheral company. They have focused its design not on additional features, but on build quality and elegance.

The product comes in a matte black box with a faint Feenix logo on the front. There are no features listed or pictures of the product. It is just a plain black box.

Included in the box is the unit itself, a detachable high quality braided mini USB to USB cord, and a PS/2 adapter. You may notice from the picture that the keys appear hard to read. I will discuss this in more detail later in the review.

Feenix has included a page containing support information. There is no need to search online for a number that will only give you a robot. You get three different methods to contact support: email, phone, or Skype. I wish more companies included things like this. It would be very difficult to look up technical support information if you had a broken keyboard. I love this.

The keyboard itself is a metallic gray with black on the keycaps. It was designed off of the Monolith from "2001 A Space Odyssey". The keyboard's color is quite unique compared to nearly all other peripherals on the market which are either black or white. There is no visible branding on the keyboard aside from Feenix's logo in the top right above the keypad. To the right of the Feenix logo, there are the 3 indicator lights: Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock from top to bottom. The indicator LED's are of pinhole design, but they have a plastic covering that is flush with the face of the keyboard. I enjoyed the LED design, because the indicator lights did not blind me while playing games or watching movies.

Here you can see the segmented nature of the keyboard. The walls around the keys are higher than other keyboards and give the keyboard a unique look.

On the bottom of the keyboard you will find 4 anti-slipping pads, two screw holes with a third hidden under the sticker, and strangely enough no feet. I will discuss this in the usability portion of the review. The back features a single Mini-USB port. There are no audio jacks or additional connectors.

Now we will move on the numbers.

Performance 5/5
The keyboard performs phenomenally just as it should. The keyboard itself uses Cherry MX Brown switches (a hybrid between red and blue switches), and coupled with their keycaps makes for a refined typing experience. They are tactile yet quite. They are my personal favorite. If Feenix were to expand, as I think they should, I would love to see more key switch options. Some keyboards feature keys that are set very low into the keyboard. This lowers the typing surface but increases the chance of a spill spreading. With the high keycaps and segmented typing zones, spills should not spread from zone to zone.

The Autore is extremely sturdy. I applied a high amount of torque to the keyboard, and it hardly budged. The keyboard's braided cable did not fray, or become twisted like the other braided cables that I've had experience with in the past. The cable is easily the highest quality I have ever seen. The coating as well as the typography on the keycaps themselves is very sleek and it also seems to be durable so far with my testing. They are slightly curved and offer a very nice typing experience. The keycaps cannot be easily removed without a keycap puller which can be a bonus and a drawback.

Usability 4.5/5

The keyboard was very simple to use. It is plug-and-play and requires no software or drivers. It is very portable with the detachable cable. I wasn't a fan of the subtle lettering as it was nearly impossible to see in low light. With no backlight you are left navigating by the "F" and "J" bumps. You also can't prop the up keyboard any further. This leaves you to only use the default angle that Feenix has determined to be the best. While first inspecting the keyboard, I was fairly skeptical when I realized that there were no feet on the back of the keyboard. My skepticism was obliterated when I tried typing on the keyboard for the first time. The angle seems nearly perfect, and I am one to usually have the feet set to the maximum height when using any other keyboard.

The keys feature no dampening system like the Gamdias Element or Logitech's ring. This gives you a vanilla MX Brown experience. This increases tactility and sound levels. It is still quieter than a MX Red keyboard, but much louder than a membrane keyboard. You should consider the environment in which you will be typing and whether or not people will get annoyed with the increased sound.

To wrap it all up, I love this keyboard. It is perfect for an on the go user who wants an excellent typing experience. This comes at a premium of price and features. You will be trading features for build quality. If you are an MMO gamer that needs many macros or a heavy media user that needs media keys, then this keyboard might not be for you. If you are a power user who strives for quality and is willing to pay extra for it, then this is definitely the keyboard for you. If you would like more info, head over to http://www.feenixcollection.com/ to check out Feenix's other products.
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Feenix Autore

With an elegantly minimal design, combined with quality workmanship, the Feenix Autore provides a pure and timeless mechanical gaming experience. The Autore was designed with the unwavering vision of creating a mechanical keyboard with impeccable click feel, comfort, reliability, and durability. • Gold plated Cherry MX Brown switches, together with Feenix's lightweight silkscreened keycaps, provide a click feel that is tactile yet astonishingly effortless. The result is faster typing, faster double taps, and minimal fatigue, which is essential for any gamer or typist. • A gold metal plate running through the length of the chassis provides brilliant durability. A double Polyurethane layer alongside our aluminum coating also provides the Autore with added durability and surface quality. • With an aesthetic design inspired by the monolith in Kubrick's "2001: A Space odyssey", the Autore's sharp and pure lines join nicely with the understated elegance of the silkscreened Feenix font and aluminum coating. Additionally, a subtle upward angle for the keyboard was implemented to optimize wrist comfort • Accenting the design nicely are the lock lights which are positioned vertically and lit with Feenix jewel white lighting • A gold plated modular Mini USB to USB connection with an optional PS/2 adapter offers steadfast transference with Full Key rollover capability • Every Feenix Autore owner receives their own personally assigned support manager. • Impeccable build quality makes the Autore resistant to extreme water/beverage damage.

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