Feenix Dimora


Pros: Nearly frictionless, Great grip on desk, Minimalist, Visually appealing, Great tracking

Cons: Glossy outer ring finger prints, Can be loud

The Feenix Dimora is a brand new mousepad from Feenix. Feenix brands themselves as a boutique peripheral manufacturer. The mousepad definitely matches this description.

The pad comes in a simple matte black box. The only graphic on the box is Feenix's logo on the front.

Included in the box is obviously the mousepad itself, but also a personalized customer support card. This card states your assigned support manager. Feenix has done away with the general phone number or mailbox, and has made it more personal. I really like this because you will always talk to a real person, never a robot with prompts. I wish more companies would feature this.

The mousepad is rigid and measures 11" x 13" and is 0.24" thick. The "Micro Textured, Low Friction Surface" feels great. It offers excellent tracking and minimal friction. This makes fine mouse movements extremely easy. The only downside to this surface is the sound. It is extremely loud and makes a scraping sound with certain mice. If you can stand it though, the performance is well worth it.

The bottom features 12 rubber feet that grip exceedingly well (only 4 are pictured). The diamond shaped reinforcements provide rigidity and durability.

When looking for a mousepad, you will come across two different types: hard plastic and soft cloth. Each has their potential upsides and downsides. A hard mousepad offers smoother gliding especially over uneven surfaces, but isn't very portable. A hard mousepad is less likely to peel or lose its tracking ability, but it is typically more expensive. A hard mousepad will typically move your mouse faster than cloth. This could take some getting used to if transitioning.

The main thing I didn't care too much for was the glossy outer ring. It looked nice for the first few days, but it attracted dirt and fingerprints like a magnate. I also found my mouse going over the edge of the mousepad many times. Tiny abrasions were forming and I can tell repeatedly doing this will quickly damage the surface.

There is not too much else to say. Most good mousepads offer great performance for a given price range. This one is no exception. This will work great with nearly any mouse, and thanks to its superb build quality, it will keep working. At $36 it is slightly more expensive than other options, but if you are in the market for a great hard mousepad and are willing to spend extra to get a better quality product, this is the mousepad for you. If you would like more info, head over to http://www.feenixcollection.com/ to check out Feenix's other products.
Feenix Dimora

Perfection comes to life with The Dimora. Aesthetically elegant and impeccably crafted, The Dimora's design and functionality are nothing short of excellent. The Dimora was created using the culmination of surface technologies and design practices, making it the perfect base for any Feenix mouse. • A beautifully carved Feenix emblem and pristine flat edged borders set a refined tone for The Dimora • The Dimora's micro textured surface makes it feel as if mice are hovering on air. The hard micro textured surface counter-intuitively increases glide by minimizing the overall contact between the mouse and the mousepad, resulting in very low friction. Achieving unrivaled glide was one of the primary passions that fueled the making of The Dimora. • The Dimora offers flawless tracking through the use of super reflective surface technologies. The Dimora sends data back to the sensor at speeds and consistencies unheard of with conventional mousepads. • The single-body construction helps The Dimora achieve a level of quality and reliability that meets the expectations set by Feenix's values. This single-body structure, along with the use of internal diamond-shaped support patterning, allows The Dimora to remain perfectly flat and resilient in almost any situation. • Optimally positioned Silicon feet on the underside of The Dimora make sure the mousepad stays firmly planted even while being used by the most aggressive of gamers.

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