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Feenix Nascita Review

A Review On: Feenix Nascita

Feenix Nascita

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Pros: Very high quality, Sturdy scroll wheel, DPI adjustment buttons, DPI indicator screen, All buttons feel great

Cons: Buttons aren't programmable, Not the best for claw grippers

Feenix has returned to the basics for their Nascita mouse. It doesn't have 17 macros, a weight system, or any software, but it is still a killer mouse.

The mouse comes in an elegant all white box with minimal writing. There is Feenix's logo on the front and "Nascita" written on the side, aside from that there is no other information given.

Included in the box are the mouse, four additional slippery pads, and a product info and support card. Each user is assigned a personal support manager from Feenix. There is no general mailbox or phone number. You will get a real person who cares about you if you ever have a problem.

Here are some close-ups of the mouse. You can see the two buttons on the side as well as the DPI screen and DPI adjustment buttons. The side buttons are forward and backward navigation buttons. The mouse is matte black with a soft touch plastic finish. It feels very high quality. This angle also shows the contours of the mouse. This is most definitely a right handed mouse. It is also wider than most mice so claw gripping is difficult.

From the front you make out two lighting zones below the left and right mouse buttons. I don't know why they have included these as you will never see them unless you use your mouse backwards. Above the scroll wheel you can see the DPI up and DPI down buttons.

On the bottom you can see the Avago 9800 Laser Sensor as well as 4 Teflon feet. These can be replaced with the complimentary included pair if they ever wear out.

Here you can see the LCD DPI display. The mouse has eight presets: 800, 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4800, 6400, and 8200 DPI. The palm area also lights up with the Feenix Logo.

Moving on to the review now.

Performance 5/5
Every aspect of the mouse screams quality. It is minimalistic in appearance, but not in performance. The Avago 9800 is one of the most popular and highest performing on the market. All of the buttons are very high quality. The macros on most mice feel mushy like rubber dome switches, but the Nascita is different. The DPI, forwards, and backwards buttons all offer the same tactility as the left and right mouse click. It is very easy to tell when you have pressed them. The Teflon feet are great and I was surprised to see extras included. There is nothing to complain about performance wise.

Usability 4.5/5
The mouse requires no software or special drivers to work. Just plug it in and you are running. This can also be a negative though. All four additional buttons are hardwired and can't be changed. I would have liked some software that could program the side buttons to macros for a game or other situations. This mouse is not specifically a gaming mouse, so I am not too upset though. You get what you get and there is no way to change it.

Feenix advertises the mouse as ergonomic, but I'm not so sure. The thumb placement is very different than other mice; there is no indentation. This makes the mouse very wide and I experienced some hand strain after long use. I am usually a palm gripper, so this was definitely something I noticed. If you have big hands it won't be a problem, but it should be taken into account.

In conclusion, Feenix brands themselves as a luxury peripheral manufacturer and I see what they mean. The Nascita doesn't have the features of most mice, but it excels in quality and craftsmanship. With the replacement Teflon pads, this mouse should last years. If you are in the market for a premium mouse with simple features, and don't mind a premium price, you will love this mouse. If you would like more info, head over to http://www.feenixcollection.com/ to check out Feenix's other products.

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that is one sexy mouse.
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