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A Review On: Filco Majestouch-2 Ninja Cherry MX Brown FKBN104M/EFB2

Filco Majestouch-2 Ninja Cherry MX Brown FKBN104M/EFB2

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Pros: Build Quality is unmatched, Textures of keys is perfect, no flexing in chasis, font is perfect, looks sleek and professional, rubber feet works well

Cons: The price in the US might be quite expensive, I bought this in Singapore so its cheaper here technically compared to other mechs. Non-braided cable

Well, this will be the first review I write, so be gentle with me.

Packaging: The packaging is simple and plain. But it works. The keyboard lies in a flap-style box, and it is covered with a plastic moulded cover of the keys. The cover isnt just a plain plastic cover, it is actually moulded based on the key's locations and can be used as a dust protector or water-proofing when the keyboard isnt in use. Right out of the box, it feels heavy, which is a good thing as it means Quality and the keyboard wont move as much on your desk. It comes with 2 front-printed Windows Keys, to replace the top-printed Windows keys that are installed on the board as you so prefer. It comes with a key puller and a USB/PS2 adapter for NKRO support.


Feel- The MX brown switches feel great, coming from a Rubber-dome Microsoft X6. It doesnt feel hard to push, in fact it is lighter than the X6. The texture of the keys are matte, with a rougher, yet not-sand papery surface. I tried twisting the chasis as much as possible, but the body just will not creak at all. The metal bracing provides this toughness which I expect from a board of this cost.

Performance- Playing a few rounds of BF3, the keys feel alot smoother to move from one to another, and you do not have to worry about not pressing the key hard enough. Even if you push the key halfway through, it will still register. There is no click whatsoever, but it still sounds pretty cool. Loudness for now is louder than my X6 by maybe 25%. This because I am currently bottoming out the keys, as I did with my X6. Once you get used to not pressing as hard as possible, the board will not be as loud as the MX Blues. Th LEDs are bright, but not as bright as the reviews say. The font size and type is perfect.

My first worry about the front printed keys are that the bottom ones will block out the words of the keys above AND that the font is too small to make out. Well.... those fears are not realised at all. The font type and size looks brilliant and you will not have any problems making them out and the front printed keys just look different and brilliant. It's perfect for those people who like the Otaku keys look, but haven't master and memorised every single key placement.

Typing is a hitch and feels alot better than typing on my X6. The keys are lighter, and every single addictive sound that resonates from the board just encourages you to keep on going with your essay or written piece. Typos at first are normal, if you come from a rubber dome, this might be due to the fact that the keys might be taller than your previous keyboard. In the first few hours of ownership, I had quite a number of typos here and there, but I am more used to it now and hardly find any mistakes when I type. In fact, I am surprised at how quick I got used to the keyboard.

The feet that can be retracted to make the board lie flat on the ground or give it a angled lift for preferred ergonomics feel sturdy, and having the rubber felt on it is a nice touch and it works very well, keeping the board in place.

What I like as well, is how they made the board as compact as possible. The board doesnt have any unnecessary plastic/metal surrounding the keys, the plastic edge just stops right next to the key it is next to. This makes it a very nice piece of equipment to put on the desk, without taking up monstrous amounts of desk space while still having the keypad by the side.

Gripes: The cable isnt braided, for a keyboard of this price, it does not feature any gaming features, any media keys, and hot keys, and volume control. It is just a piece of quality equipment to be marvelled at and felt. But leaving the cable unbraided, is like grilling a piece of Kobe Beef marinated in olive oil and basil, and the smothering it with a slab of lard and ketchup. It just leaves the impression that Filco didnt really go all the way with the quality of this board, they were so close, but missed out on 1 final step. The cable also isnt very long. Sure I might be nitpicking abit, and it can be solved with a USB extender, but it is still something worth noting.


The board is for those people who enjoy having and touching and looking at something that exudes quality in almost every angle and works brilliantly. The NKRO works perfectly, The MX Brown switches feel exquisite, the sound is acceptable, the chasis does not show any weakness, the rubber feet (usually a keyboard's Archilles Heel) does not feel weak at all, The key texture is wonderful, the size is as compact as it can be. Sure, value-wise, it isnt the best, with rubber domes all over the place that has alot more features, and bling for less money. But this board isnt aimed at those who thinks that a board's qualities lies in the amount of backlighting and macro buttons it has, it is for those who appreciates the details and the overall build quality of the product.

And if you are the latter, I will highly recommend this board to you, Even if you are getting different switches, the build quality will not change, and you will not be disappointed.

However, if you are the value-minded person, this isnt the board you are looking for. The Microsoft X6 might be.


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