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FinalMouse 2015

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Pros: Great simple shape, sensor unparraleled, 3 year warranty, nice clicks.

Cons: Might be a little light weight for some.

This is a pretty new mouse/company. They kinda shot up from nowhere and are receiving great praise from communities such as this and competeitve esports. I took it upon myself to order a unit and see what it was all about. I must say that it is much like my Zowie in terms of shape (which is a great mouse).

That being said, the mouse has a few unique factors that set it a part. The results of the in-depth graphings of the FinalMouse are mastefully achieved. Jitterless, accurate, with absolute raw input makes this the clear choice for competetive gaming. Or even any sort of artistic computer work such as graphic designs or photoshopping in which every stroke of the mouse should be precise.

Additionally, I am excited about their involvement with communities such as ours here on OCN. It is clear that the company has set out to achieve a gaming mouse of the highest qaulity. Within roughly 4 months time of their initial launch which I believe was in January, they have already released an updated model. And I have no doubt that we influenced this update greatly on the FinalMouse thread which you should definitely visit if you have not.

I would recommend this mouse to any friend! thumb.gif


Pros: Sensor performance beats out every other mouse on the market at the moment. Very lightweight at 74 grams. Great shape.

Cons: A little pricey right now.

Tested mainly in CS:GO and collected some data via Mousetester. My mousetester graphs were getting me 5 m/s with perfect tracking without any issues. Compared to 3090 sensor mice I own the sensor is lightyears ahead and better. And even against my 3310 KPM the sensor performance is noticeably better. Very VERY raw. Didn't feel any smoothing or accel at all.
Jitter tests were solid on all CPI steps as they should be with the 3310 since the CPI is native.

The reason I keep going back to this mouse as my daily driver is pretty much because of this. It is so light. Company says 74g but it could maybe be a bit lighter. This combined with the flawless sensor makes the FinalMouse pretty close to perfect for me. The cable also is very light which doesn't throw you off, unlike other lightweight mice that have really annoyingly bad cables.

Shape is solid, similar to a 518. I have a hybrid claw grip and it works perfectly for me, but shape is always subjective so I wont elaborate too much here.

Clicks feel great. Very lightweight but still tactile. It uses omrons which is a huge pro for me since I cant stand Huaynos. The fact that each clicker is independently housed is also a huge plus for me since it keeps them very consistent and I don’t get any sticky clicks.

Quality is on par with other good manufacturers. Definitely don’t see anything wrong here. But I mainly judge build quality and reliability based off the warranty length a brand offers. And the fact that FinalMouse offers a 3 year warranty is a really good sign.

I got mine for 67 on amazon. I think this is about 10 dollars to high though. The issue is there really is no other mouse that offers this sensor performance in the weight class, so it almost forces people to buy it. But I think in the future to be more competitive FinalMouse needs to reduce the price point.

For more information you can find their site at http://www.finalmouse.com
FinalMouse 2015

FinalMouse is the industry standard gaming mouse for professional gamers and esports athletes. Pro gamers from all over the world prefer FinalMouse for its flawless sensor, accurate tracking, and perfect ergonomic form factor.

BindingVideo Game
FeatureProfessional & Tournament Grade Flawless Pixart 3310 IR Led Esports Sensor Esports Inspired Ergonomic Form Factor Designed by Pros for Pros Industry Leading Super-Lightweight: At Only 74 Grams
TitleFinalMouse 2015
Item Height2.1 inches
Item Length5.4 inches
Item Width2.2 inches
Package Height2.7 inches
Package Length8.6 inches
Package Weight0.55 pounds
Package Width7.1 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement860509000105
Item Weight0.27 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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