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Fischer Audio Epsilon

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Pros: Small factor and accessories

Cons: Sound quality

Reviewing price: £59

The Epsilon earphones are on of the very few earphones I've reviewed that I've not really enjoyed at all. I found the overall package and the lack of any sort of detail, especially at such a high price worrying.
I shall break down this review in seperate parts.

The extras that come with the Epsilon is disappointing considering their price range. You get 3 sets of tips:
1x small grey silicone tips
1x medium grey silicone tips
1x medium black silicone tips

You also get a shirt clip, that is used for securing the earphones to your clothes and finally you get a nice little pouch with the Fischer Audio logo on it, that is extremely useful for protecting (not from drops) the earphones.

I really like the pouch included, however at this price and with such a small range of tips provided, the accessories that are provided, for me, aren't sufficient enough to make me excited about these earphones. If anything, they are the bare bone basic accessories provided, which I don't find suitable for earphones that are priced quite high.

Design and Looks:
The looks of these earphones is nice on certain pictures, but in real life looks extremely cheap and has a plastic feel. They have a brown plastic colour, that doesn't look too appealing to the eyes. I found them to look "tacky" and cheap looking. Furthermore the silver ring is also visibly made out of plastic, and it does show. Apart from that, the earphones are built to a decent quality, but that said the plastic feel really does extend throughout the product and this is seen via the mic button as well.

Microphonics (cable noise):
The cable noise of these earphones, when worn straight down, is quite annoying. To eliminate the sound created by the cable, I suggest wearing the earphones over-the-ear.

Build quality:
The build quality is decent, however with the construction of it being all plastic, they don't feel like a set of £60 earphones. I can't see these breaking easily, which is definitely a pro, however if it is ever stepped on or put under any pressure the plastic will very easily break.

Sound quality:
The sound quality, surprisingly is the worst part of these earphones - I say that, as you thought it couldn't get any worse, but it does. I shall split this up in 3 sections.
The mids and highs seem to be very veiled, muffled and not well extended at all. Due to the housing, I feel as if there is something limiting the earphones, preventing them to shine. Because of this, the mids feel very pushed back, the highs can't extend at all and don't provide any sort of spark.

The bass is also compromised for the small factor size - meaning there is no real apparent mid-bass, and sub-bass is near non-existent.

The soundstage is extremely narrow - due to the size and design of the earphones, I found that the soundstage is therefore hurt in that respect.

The Epsilon aren't earphones I could ever see myself recommending for anyone in any type of price range or music taste. They just do NOT perform well and for their given price, buyers would be much better off buying OTHER Fischer Audio products, such as the Consonance, Silver Bullet, Eterna etc.
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Fischer Audio Epsilon

Product Description Bring your music even closer with these mini and lightweight earphones from Fischer Audio. The Elipson Headphones are ideal for listening to music everywhere. In-the-ear design effectively reduces outside noise and produces a superior crystal surrounding. Soft silicon sleeves fits securely and comfortably in the ear canal and with a convenient introduction of an in-line remote and microphone. Box Contains Elipson 3 x sets of silicone ear tips Cary case Documentation

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