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Fischer Audio Golden Wasp

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Pros: Accessories and looks

Cons: Overall sound

Reviewing price: £32

The Golden Wasp are a decent set of earphones that are quite affordable, however for the price one could get a better all-rounder or specific sounding earphone from the FA range. I feel as if the Golden Wasp doesn't really fit into any sort of category and is "in-between" genres.

The extras that come with the Golden Wasp is decent. You get 3 sets of tips:
1x small black silicone tips
1x medium black silicone tips
1x medium black silicone tips

You also get a nice little pouch with the Fischer Audio logo on it, that is extremely useful for protecting (not from drops) the earphones.
I really like the pouch included and the accessories that are included are decent. I would have liked to see a wider array of tips, but that said - it is still a good range provided.

Design and Looks:
The looks of the earphones really do remind me of a bee/wasp. They are golden coloured with black strips. I think the look is extremely nice and furthermore I think Fischer have done a great job designing the earphones. With that said, I feel as if the design of the cable is extremely poor, as it tangles very easily.

Microphonics (cable noise):
There are not a lot of microphonics with these earphones. More so, the earphones can be worn over-the-ear to eliminate any sort of noise.

Build quality:
The build quality is good for the earphones' housing, however other than that, the cable, microphone and strain relief's are poorly made. I found that the cable would tangle easily and also can come apart (as it is braided) reasonably easily. The wire is terminated with a right angled 3.5mm gold plated jack.

Sound quality:
The sound quality of these earphones is a little mix and match. They are decent sounding earphones, however lack any sort of definition in any of the frequencies. The low end frequency is a bit bloated and not well extended, the mid frequency is veiled and pushed back a little and finally the highs are rolled off. Thus why I find these earphones like a cheaper quality version of the FA Consonance earphones. There isn't much more that can be said about the mids, highs and lows, apart from the fact that it sounds quite dull and doesn't really shine in any given area of the frequency range. Rather disappointing in comparison to other FA earphones out there.

The soundstage is actually reasonably wide, but not deep. Thus you get a sense of space, but no real extension in terms of soundstage.

Overall the Golden Wasps are decent earphones, however they don't really come across as great earphones and instead feel a bit of a hit and miss in al the frequency ranges. I would personally suggest looking at the other earphones in the FA range.
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Fischer Audio Golden Wasp

Product Description In addition to its two-tone looks, the Golden Wasp headphones offer a major boost in sound and comfort over similarly priced competitor models. These noise-isolating in-ear headphones deliver dynamic sound and un-equaled comfort for a price that’s easy on the wallet. Producing spectacular highs and lows, the Golden Wasp headphone brings the best possible sound to the affordable category without compromising audio quality. The Golden Wasp feature durable, tangle resistant cables to avoid unwanted tangling and include a multifunction in-line remote and microphone. Product Description Technical Data - Frequency range 20-20000 Hz Icon 06 *** Sensitivity 98 dB *** Impedance 16 Ohm *** Maximum power input 60 mW *** Cable length 1.25 m *** Driver dia 8 mm *** Material metal-plastic *** Colour - golden- black

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