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Fischer Audio Red Stripe

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Pros: Price, sound, design

Cons: Wire durability, jack

These are being reviewed at £20.

The red stripe earphones are an excellent set of earphones for under £20.

Sound quality:
They have a V shaped signature, meaning the bass and highs are a bit over-emphasised, but that works great for r'n'b mainstream music (for example).
I feel as if the mids are a little drowned out, due to that fact, meaning when it comes to vocals and/or classical music, the red stripe doesn't provide a decent sound. More of a bloated and muffled sound. This is mainly because of the mids being dipped.

Other than that, at £20, you can't really ask for more, in terms of sound quality. A MUST BUY if you ask me (even as a backup pair) - My main earphones are the PFE232's (£400 earphones).

Build quality:
The build quality is decent, however due to the jack being straight and finished with a glossy material, it means that taking out the earphones from a jack is sometimes a little hard - this means that you are often forced to pull it from the wire, meaning the durability of these earphones is limited and greatly reduced. I've already had a friend report a problem with their set of the Red Stripe, and this was due to the jack being tugged and pulled from the straight jack.

Looks and design:
The looks and design is identical to the Beats earphones. Which is quite appealing, generally speaking. I found girls quite liked the way the earphones looked, and guys mostly thought it looked cool and different.
The ergonomics are also good, and thus fit in your ear well.

Accessories and packaging:
The accessories provided are great. I especially love the pouch that the earphones come with.
You also get a selection of tips, which is always good for different ear canal sizes.

I hope this review helps in your purchasing decisions.
I definitely recommend these earphones at the £20 price tag. I wouldn't however pay £40 for these, and would look elsewhere at that price tag, but still these are very hard to beat.

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Fischer Audio Red Stripe

Product Description Stop messing about! Worried about tangled cables and ill-fitting ear pieces. The Red Stripe headphones are bursting with product innovations such as tangle-resistant flat cable. Supplied with three pairs of silicone sleeves designed to give you the best possible earphone fit, also introducing a multifunctional in-line remote and microphone meaning that you can take superior sound and design quality with you wherever you go. Box Contains Red Stripe 3 x sets of silicone ear tips Documentation

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