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Fischer Audio Silver Bullet

100% Positive Reviews
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Pros: Bass, soundstage, highs, accessories

Cons: Mids

Reviewing price: £37

The silver bullets are an extremely capable sounding set of earphones. They have a a significant impact on low end tones and have this spacious sound, that really complements any type of music.
To detail this review, I'll split it into sections.

The extras that come with the Silver bullets is decent. You get 6 sets of tips:
1x small grey silicone tips
1x small black silicone tips
1x medium grey silicone tips
1x medium black silicone tips
1x large grey silicone tips
1x large black silicone tips

You also get a small little tray with prongs on it, to put your tips on it, in order to keep them safe in a certain location
Furthermore you get a shirt clip, that is used for securing the earphones to your clothes and finally you get a nice little pouch with the Fischer Audio logo on it, that is extremely useful for protecting (not from drops) the earphones.

I really like the pouch included and the accessories that are included are decent. I would have liked to see a wider array of tips, but that said - it is still a good range provided.

Design and Looks:
The look of the earphone really reminds me of a silver bullet, exactly as the name describes. It is a very cool design that looks nice in-ear.
The design of the earphones is reasonably good, however the major flaws of these earphones, in my opinion are deviated from its design aspects. The wire seems to quite fickle and the build quality by the earphone housing has very little protection.
The jack is terminated with a 3.5mm right angled jack and seems quite durable.

Microphonics (cable noise):
The cable noise of these earphones, when worn straight down, is quite annoying. To eliminate the sound created by the cable, I suggest wearing the earphones over-the-ear; with that said, when wearing them over the ear, I found that the length of the cable from the splitter/mic to the ear buds is quite short, meaning it can be a reasonably tight fit around the neck (due to the wire pulling up on your neck/chin)

Build quality:
The build quality is quite good, apart form that complaint as mentioned above from the wire and its longevity, the build quality is very nice - especially the ear bud itself - which seems to be very well protected and strong against impacts.

Sound quality:
The sound quality is quite intriguing of the Silver Bullets. The space is spacious and is also very capable with bass-heavy tracks. I shall split this up in 3 sections.
The mids and highs seem to be not the strongest point of the silver bullets. The mids especially are dipped and the highs aren't very well extended. With that in mid, for the very reasonable price of £37, one can't complain too much.

The bass is one of its strong points. The mid-bass especially is very boomy and creates a great impact. The sub-bass is also quite good, although doesn't fully extend. I would definitely recommend these earphones for someone listening to bassy music, rather than those who listen to classical.

As said before the earphones seem very spacious, I found that when comparing these earphones with the FA Consonances, I very quickly realised that the Silver Bullets are more open and much more "airy" than the Consonance. This meant that the soundstage was also complemented from this more open feel.

The silver bullets are extremely good value for money. I would mainly recommend these for people that look for more bass in their listening. These earphones really strive on a spacious sound whilst at the same time providing a good impact.
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Fischer Audio Silver Bullet

Product Description Another highly acclaimed earphone from Fischer Audio, the Silver Bullet offers a fully polished metal housing with fantastic looks and sound quality to match. With a spacious soundstage, the bass is controlled, the midrange is warm and smooth, and the treble has just the right amount of sparkle. The technology of Audio Noise Processor (ANP) is used to utilise material after sintered physical characteristic to absorb or suppress the noise. In addition, it corrects audio signal waveform and reduces wave deckle edge to recover the original audio signal. By filtering signal noise and amplifying the audio signal, audio performance is greatly upgraded. Box Contains Silver Bullet (Silver/Steel) 5 x sets of silicone ear tips Cary case Documentation

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