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Fractal Design Core 1000

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Pros: Cheap Black Interior

Cons: Mounting Hard Drive Tray Cramped

First off I must say I was not expecting much when I spent $40 off Newegg. Now with that said...

Decent airflow
Black Interior
Thumb Screws

Top Mounted PSU (I prefer bottom)
Hard Drive Tray
92mm rear fan (Would like to see 120mm)

The packaging was pretty standard. Cardboard box styrofoam and plastic wrap. Case came in great condition. The contents were pretty sparse, wasn't too worried about it though. The case itself looks sharp, yet minimalistic which is what I wanted. The fan filters are a nice touch with a front 120mm fan. Thumbscrews instead of that waste of plastic people call "screwless installation"

Installing my motherboard took longer than expected. An extra 1-2mm of clearance on the length of the motherboard would have been a godsend! Finally made it work in the end.
Now this is where I was a little worried. The hard drive tray. It either supports 3 Hard drives, or 1 Hard drive and an SSD, or 2 SSD's. Thankfully it fit my Hard Drive and SSD fine with no issues, and actually allowed more airflow as it took up less space. People with more hard drives are out of luck, which is it's downfall as it doesn't handle as much as a standard hard drive tray.

No holes to hide cables, and the tray does not come out, which is understandable. Coming in at $40 I wasn't expecting much.

I came from an Antec 900 to this and I must say I'm happy. It's so much smaller, a little quieter, and doesn't scream I'm a nerd!

Any questions feel free to ask. If I helped you in anyway in purchasing or avoiding this product let me know!


I've read many times by other users that the motherboard installation can be a pain.
How's the build quality of the case?
I've been told it's quiet fragile.
Really considering this case...
That is really a great, smooth looking case! Any idea if it will fit a 6870?
The build quality is not lacking in my opinion especially considering it's price point. Doesn't feel fragile. I have a 4770 so I can't vouch for a 6870. Are those any wider than a standard graphics card?