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Nice cheap mATX case, but a little flimsy

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Fractal Design Core 1000

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Totally Dubbed
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Pros: Price, look, extras included

Cons: Very thin sheet of metal used, HDD tray, cable management, position of on/off switch, 92mm exhaust fan

I bought this case for a recent mATX build.
I love the low price cost of the case, but there has been quite a few things that have annoyed me about it.

First the positives though:
-The price is obviously great, and good for keeping a low budget build
-The look of the case is nice and discrete - not over the top. Basically a nice simplistic look to the case with a touch of class added to it
-The extras included -> this includes the extra screws provided and more than anything the 120mm fan that came with the case (which is fitted at the front, when you buy it)

-The actual material used for the Core 1000 is really a thin sheet of metal. So thin, that it it very light to pick up my whole build with just a hand, whereas my Fractal R4 case requires quite a lot of effort to pick up.
Now the weight might seem like a good thing, an it is - however due to the HDD rack being VERTICALLY mounted, it causes un-needed vibrations throughout the case. This results in the case being quite loud with HDD's mounted. Almost as if the case was build for SSD's only.
-This makes me move unto my next complaint - the HDD vertical mount.
Quite simply put, I'm not a fan of it - having my HDD's in the "air" whilst in this case not only worries me a little, but also creates quite a lot of vibrations (the HDD's were screwed in properly, so was the HDD mount and they had rubber bits on them too)
Long story short - I can see why Fractal chose to use this design, but in my honest opinion, I don't think that was a good idea. With the HDD's mounted vertically and in mid-air, with a sheet of thin metal frame - there's bound to be problems, and in my case there is.
-Cable management: Due to the design again, and the small form factor - doing cable management for a non-modular PSU was close to impossible. I had to shove all the wires behind the HDD rack - which in turn reduces the air flow of my case as the intake is from the front of the case (the wires end up next to the intake fan at the front)
-The on/off button and the USB buttons are on the RIGHT side of the case. Now this isn't convenient for a few reasons. One being them being less accessible, but the other being if you had to put this alongside a wall, the buttons would be on the RIGHT side, and the INTAKE/OUTAKE side panel fan would be on the other. Why didn't fractal think of putting either the buttons to the RIGHT and/or putting the buttons at the top of the case, making it more accessible? I don't know, but I dislike it
-The fan exhaust at the back is only a 92mm fan slot. Why isn't this 120mm, like with the other two slots on the case?
I don't quite understand the logic behind this. There is room for it to be a 120mm, but Fractal chose (possibly tactically) to put a 92mm fan slot.
If I had to liquid cool my system, I would be in quite a dilemma as to where to put the fan and radiator.

Overall, there's more wrong (in my opinion) than right with this case.
Maybe I'm expecting too much from a £30 case, but as with every review, one has to judge it evenly and that's what I have done.
For that reason I can't see myself giving this poorly un-finished designed case more than 4/5 stars.


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