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A Review On: Fractal Design Define R4 Titanium Grey Silent ATX Mid Tower Case

Fractal Design Define R4 Titanium Grey Silent ATX Mid Tower Case

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Pros: Look, air flow, removable HDD rack, silent

Cons: on/off button is sensitive, design aspects

A very nice case, that's silent, but also very elegant.
I love the case, ever since I first got it - even though I had to return my first one to OCUK due to a manufacturing defect on it. OCUK were very good in dealing with the problem, for free smile.gif

-The USB ports at the top make it easy to plug and play things
-The case look is very stylish
-There's good air flow within the case
-The material it is made out of is of good quality
-The fan control at the front is useful
-The fan filters that are included at the bottom and front are useful
-The removable HDD rack is very useful
-The 2x Fractal fans included are good (although not the best)
-The case is silent

-On/Off button can easily be mistakenly hit
-Fractal fans make a lot of noise on the metal grills (side and top) -> bought 2x Corsair AF140's instead
-The motherboard SATA slots are too close to the rubber "holes"
-The front panel connections aren't long nor secure enough (USB 3.0 & HD audio mainly)
-Heavy case
-Front of the case can be easily pushed out

Here's an overview and unboxing of the case:

1 Comment:

+ at least some filters
+ 140mm fan positions

- apart from sidepanels nothing else is silenced and rings
-useless fan grills everywhere, kills airflow, have to be cut out
- paint is not everywhere inside the case, attention to detail is not so good
- cages block all airflow, better cage position has to be moded in or cages removed alltogether
- case feet are too low, blocks bottom airlfow
- PSU fan opening is small and 140mm fans get partly blocked
- included fans are regular cheap case fans, clicky, position sensitive and won't run well upside down, vibrate, low airflow, low pressure
- bottom air filter could be more easily removable by different way of attachment
- no HDD led
- SATA on the back are useless, use velcro if you want to use the back
- front panel is not very secure
- audio jacks and USB2 are ridiculously stiff to plug in to
- top 5.25" bay is not removable and there is not option for a 3rd front fan up top
- MB panel bends under pressure
- fan switch just switches between 5 ,7, 12V from a molex, no fan control and the cables are heatshrinked and hard, not sleeved
- front panel cables like switches and LEDs are not sleeved together, nor secured on the front panel, easy to break
- not enough space up top for radiators with fans and position is centered not offset
- ATX MB, holes around SATA ports could be bigger to be able to put cables through with less stress on the cables
- everything except side panels is prone to vibration especially the air filters and cages
- not enough intake positions for fans
- bottom fan often gets blocked by PSU, needs more mounting options further from PSU